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Duel-wield Daggers Paladin, kicking ass? What?!?

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Okay, so I can't say much as I've only invested about 15 hours or so into pillars so far as an Elven Wizard but I wanted to try something.... different, so I've since made a Paladin stats are as such below.


Human - Meadowfolk

Aedyr - Dissident.

Kind Wayfarer Knight of Mass Murder.
19 Might, 3 Con, 10 Dex, 18 Per, 10 Int, 18 Res.

So I can't really speak for much experience as of yet, but I did have to mention this.


I've just reached Gilded Vale, managed to say something different to the angry folk attempting to beat Aloth into an early grave who then decided they'd try me out for size, I felt a little like Drizzt Do'urden from BG1 (If anyone remembers him 1-hitting those giant ogre-like-gnoll-type-thingies) as I 1-hit all 3 of them and they exploded into tiny bodily pieces around me.

Now before this I also attempted the bear in the cave just north of here and managed to die to the bear when the bear was SURELY going to die (What if I used potions!?!?) I gave up after 1 attempt to get a move on with things.

I know a lot of people speak ILL of Paladins and their lack of decisive killing power but, that feels pretty incredibly strong to me. (Though I have only played a wizard so far :p)


In any case, if anyone can let me know weather or not I should be fearful of the future for my Paladin? or just stay strong and power on?...


Power to the Pally!


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Um, I don't want to rain on your parade, but I'm pretty sure anyone can one-hit the angry villagers threatening Aloth. It's designed to be a ridiculously easy encounter because the player is going to hit it with high fatigue and possibly low health (depending on whether they camped after getting out of Cilant Lis).

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Okay fair enough! Point taken! But I also 2-hit Raedrics boyfriend who has a fetish for hanging people from trees! Albeit I used my fire attack of doom! :p

That's more like it!  and I LOLED out loud at work with the Raedrics Boyfriend reference.  If you like Flames of Devotion now wait until patch 1.6 its getting a +20 accuracy buff (unless they changed something).

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Have gun will travel.

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