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Raedric's Hold Problem

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I climb on the western part of the wall, when I am on the walls there is no way not to fight few local guards, so I kill them and walk into sanctuary. I wear Berathian priest robes which are supposed to make me almost undetectable in sanctuary, walk down the corridor and immediatrly get attacked without even dialogue.


Uhm... What did I wrong? Is there a way to walk into sanctuary without killing guards?

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I've never had a problem killing the guards when you climb the vines to get into the castle not creating a problem.


Did you kill anyone else?  Are you going into the correct door (I'm assuming so since you got the Berathian robes from the chest)? Are you wearing the robes on your PC? 

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The robes will only "protect" you on the second floor. on any other floor, you will be attacked, even with the robes on.

If you have trouble stealthing around the guards, better use the sewers entry. It will also bring you to the priest quarters where you can pick up a sixpack of robes.

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