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The Road to Eternity Part 3: The Making of Pillars of Eternity Sneek Peek!

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Glad to see it's coming along. Though I do chuckle at the thought that the sneak peaks are being put out as you get them XD Still excited for the whole documentary! Hoping that the documentary lives up to the great game and great company it documents <3

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This is now more relevant in this thread probably



Hope the making of documentary is soon to be released. I just need to know how the sausage was made. :)


Okay, guess I don't need to know, but I'm still looking forward to watching this (coming from a guy who watched every minute of special features on the LotR DVDs, theatrical release and collector's edition).


I only lament that there likely won't be any cool New Zealand accents on the PoE documentary, since everything immediately sounds at least 50% more interesting and compelling when said with a New Zealand accent. At least, I don't believe there are any NZ accented folks at Obsidian. Hopefully the reason this is taking so long to get out is because some good NZ accents are being overlayed onto the video. Josh definitely should have this treatment, since he'll likely be giving lots of intricate details. :p

After watching the video, I've concluded that Adam needs some New Zealandification also.


EDIT: freaking oversensitive edit function! Grr! #$%$%^&%^%^%^!!

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Part 3 just 5 mins long.. :(

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Me likes.

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