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White Spire spellbind bugs



1) Spellbind: Blizzard sometimes requires save/reload to appear. I'm not sure of the exact conditions which cause this.

2) Blizzard damage is too high?  Not sure if this is a bug.  Would need to compare to the druid spell version.

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I think this bug affects all weapons with spellbinds.  Non-weapons work as intended.  I've seen some weird behavior, like:

-Cast fireball using Taluntain's Staff.  Immediately switch to another weapon and click on an enemy to attack.  Character stands in place waving his weapon above his head as if he was using a spellbind.  Swapping weapons again fixes it.


It's at the point where I need to F5 F8 before every non-trivial fight just to make sure my spellbinds will work.


Can anyone else confirm they are having the same issue?

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1) Spellbind: Blizzard sometimes requires save/reload to appear. I'm not sure of the exact conditions which cause this.


I found the cause :)


Here's something for the devs.





Load the attached saved game.

Access the Stash to find The White Spire and equip it in Kana's third weapon slot. (Do not select the third slot from the inventory; just place the White Spire there and let Kana keep wielding the Estoc he's wielding.)

Go back to the game and select Kana.

Change his weapon selecting the White Spire. Observe that the Blizzard icon appears next Kana's abilities.


Now reload the game, place The White Spire in Kana's third weapon slot, and don't select it.

Back to the game, click the Stronghold button.

There's an upcoming invasion; elect to resolve it manually so you can enter combat.

When the enemies appear, wait until the combat state is triggered.

Select Kana and change his weapon so he wields The White Spire (don't do this from the inventory; do it from the game.)

Observe that the Blizzard icon does not appear next to Kana's abilities.



(So basically when you switch to The White Spire while in combat, the ability doesn't show up.)

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