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Question about endless paths level 3.

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Okay so on the third level of the endless paths, on the upper left area of the map, there is a little statue, and just above it appears to be a hidden area of the map.  If you look closely you can even see what looks like a moveable wall.  My question is, how do i get into that area?  Is it quest related?  What is back there?


If it's quest related then where do I get the quest?

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The sabre called "Resolution" can be found on an enemy black slime in level 4. Take it and place it on the statue's hand to reveal the wall. You can also retrieve the sabre after you're done with the room(s) there. Currently, there's a small bug where you could end up getting a second copy of Resolution.

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note though...

when you place Resolution in the statue hand... that version of the sword is destroyed in game, the sword you retrieve from it is a new copy.

what this means is... don't enchant the sword until AFTER you use it to open the wall and retrieve it.  Found that out the hard way myself. 


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Okay, placing a sabre, then Resolution in the statue is one of the first things I tried. Back before patch 1.03 . It's a typical puzzle. But HOW do you do that ? I tried approaching it wielding the sabre, having HIGH lore, having high mechanics, wielding a torch etc. Maybe I need the sabre in my inventory, not wielded ?


I'm only here because I eventually googled for it.

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