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I use it for robbing places, and with regards to encounters, I use my rogue to get close enough to see the exact numbers and positions of the enemy. E.g. they may have a caster somewhere within the group of enemies, whom I can't see unless I go further than the edge of FOW.



This. After you collected all the beastiary XP from a specific type of mob, just enter the rooms with your best stealther and collect all the containers, then sneak back out and be happy you avoided a pointless battle in-style.


Eothas temple. 'Nuff said. You can basicly skip half the fights by having a good stealther and still get all the loot.

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It gives you the freedom to stealth past enemies completely if you want to. Which is the whole essence of a good rpg - the freedom to play it your way without feeling gimped. Every mechanic in the game isn't meant to help you metagame it.

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If you play on Trial of Iron, you'll want to know exactly what you are dealing with before engaging in the fight.  I usually scout ahead of time and gather intel on who I'm about to fight.

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Despite what I may post, I'm a huge fan of Pillars of Eternity, it's one of my favorite RPG's.

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I get stealth and survival on my main character in case of relevant dialoge options(though only seen one or two survival so far). Stealth might have been more useful if the maps were designed with it in mind, or there were more relevant scripted interactions, dialoge options etc. Also need separate "scouting mode" for party members.

In Age of Decadence there is no "scouting mode", but stealth skill gives +crit chance and options to kill some bad guys while talking to them. Or taking out one or two guards without rising an alarm via dialoge etc. Like:


Bandit leader: Give me all your money or i'll split you open.

1. [give 100cp] I dont have any more!

2. [give 1000cp] Here you go.

3. [Attack] Your end is at hand!

4. [stealth 4] [Come closer, distract him and slit his throat.]


Might be a good idea to make something like that in the addon. :) Other skills could use some use as well ofc...

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I put in 3 points on all my characters so I can manoeuvre them better and loot stuff easier, but never more than that.


I go with 8 athletics and 8 lore on 5 characters, 6 athletics and 10 mechanics on one with a +2 athletics item, then put a few points into all the rest.

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stealth is admittedly broken at the moment.  the developers has said that stealth ain't working the way it were envisioned.  unfortunately, we got much equivocation regarding when we would see a fix.  release? patch? expansion?  obviously not release.  so, patch or expansion?  bets?


HA! Good Fun!

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3) There's a rogue third level skill 'backstab' that works specifically off stealth.  It's good for instagibbing mages especially if you have an escape skill probably - I don't use rogues.  Because they're nerds.


It's pretty gimp, actually, since Combat immediately breaks Stealth, and you don't want to initiate with a Rogue in the middle of a group of enemies. Yes, you could probably more or less insta-gib many mages and such, but the poor rogue would get instantly swarmed. It's very circumstantial at best, unfortunately.


Backstab works with ranged weapons too. So the rogue doesn't have to get that close enemies.


Many squishier enemies just died from my stealth kills with arquebus. If more than one enemy was aggroed, then my rogue ran back and let the tank pick up the mobs. Then phew phew from a more fortunate position. Worked like a charm.

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In terms of positioning, you're better off not putting your rogue or even your whole party in the middle of a bunch of bad guys. So again, I'm not really sure what the point of "scouting" is. Staying back and making the enemy come to you means they'll be coming from one direction - all the better to nuke them.


Stealing is rather pointless, since there isn't much to steal and nothing that's very valuable is hanging around. This isn't like Baldur's Gate, where you can get the most OP cloak in the game through some stealthy pickpocketing... at best, you get a generic weapon or piece of armor that's just like something you can find on the bodies of your enemies.


Speaking of the bodies of your enemies, the loot that's in containers is often inferior in number and overall value to that which can be obtained through murdering everyone. So rather than "saving yourself from a pointless fight" you're actually just depriving yourself of valuable resources. Stealth actually HURTS you in a lot of ways if you actually DO max it out and use it to avoid conflict.

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