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I feel like I'm missing something vitally important in this game.


My chanter generally hits for 3-10 damage depending on enemy DT, however I see people regularly talk about how they hit for 40+ vs basically everything.


Am I missing something vital in my gameplay?


Are they including all buffs in those numbers?


Are they "abusing" Estocs/Maces/Stilettos; as they seem to be the only really viable weapons due to their DT penetration?


Two handed weapons should be hitting for more than 10 damage. If you don't like the DR penetration strategy, switch to PIKE & QUARTERSTAFF ranged advantage tactic. Stay behind the tank and support him with long range hits.  Pike & Quarterstaff have that increased reach that lets you attack enemies from behind your tank.


You can also get high damage hits with Crossbow, Arbalest, Arquebus.


Miasma of dull minded lowers enemy deflection which in turn gives you a higher chance to crit.


Check out my Orlan Fighter & Ranger build in my signtaure.

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ok, i just did some math: with my current 21 might my exeptional enchanted Lead Spitter does 10-14 damage per projectile, so 12 average and has -7 DR baseline. noteworthy passive/modal (always on) modifiers that are soul whip (x1.2), biting whip (x1.2), <any> Lash (x1.25) and Penetrating Shot (-5 DR).


This means that one (6 hit) Lead Spitter shot causes 6 projectiles a 12*1.2*1.2*1.25 = 21,6 which the game rounds up to 22 each --> 6*22 = 132 damage. Against a 15 DR target the damage would still be 132-6*(15-12) = 114. In these DR ranges no other gun can compete.


So unless you are playing on potd difficulty where DRs are generally higher, i'd wager Lead Spitter (with Penetrating Shot!) will be the best weapon in 95% or more of all fights you come across


sorry to single u out but this is soo wrong and i dont want others to be mislead... the game's damage mechanics do not work like that not even close.

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To give you some idea this the damage of my party in my second play though at the end of Act II, all just reached level 9:




I think the highest single hit on my first play through was 150 from an arbalest sneak attack.

I wonder how a dual-wield non-tank specc'd Monk will compare if placed in with this party.

Lower or higher damage dealt than the fighter?

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You will probably not see 40-50 and higher damage with all 6 characters in a typical party.


Damage is tricky, but here are some basics:

- damage characters need maxed out might.  That is 21 for the +2 might race...  and that will get you 40+ hits on rogues in the early/mid game, without maxed enchanted uberweapons.


- damage should not be something the enemy is strong against.   That guy in +20 pierce resisting armor is not going to die from a rapier, try a club or something. 


- Buffs and debuffs matter.   Accuracy is rolled over into crit.  If your caster can paralyze the enemy, you need significantly less accuracy to hit it and will crit more often and hit more often and kill faster.   Buffing your own accuracy is also potent (paladin aura, spells, enchanted weapons, talents, so many things buff accuracy..)


- weapon enchants matter.  A 'fine' weapon with nothing else does a lot less damage than a fully improved and enchanted weapon.  A fully loaded weapon will do double or more damage compared to a commonplace item (same type, say compare a fully loaded sword and a plain sword... )


- other weapons have enchants for DR penetration besides the ones with innate DR penetration.   But yes, DR penetration or using a weapon the enemy is not strongly DR against will gib things fast.


- there are debuffs that lower enemy DR.   These become vital in higher level boss fights.


- chanters don't have to do 50 damage per weapon swing.  Chanters can summon a dragon or other things that do damage.  The chanter is possibly one of the top three damage dealers at mid levels -- 3 wyrms will keep pace with a dps character at the mid levels easily...  and can hit 3 different targets or focus fire.   Late game, a well built character is better than these allies, but your chanter added to the allies??  It would take a very, very well made damage dealer to outdps a well made chanter AND his dragon -- by the time another class is outperforming the chanter, the game is nearly over. 

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Do remember a LOT of older threads have people playing with stacking issues without them even knowing them sometimes... having +5 Might while you should +2 mages a giant difference obviously.

That's why I sometimes take some things with a grain of salt, can't really tell who talks about actual 'fair' playthroughs or who just talk with the OP-experience in mind :/




I agree that that is such a stupid idiotic pathetic garbage hateful retarded scumbag evil satanic nazi like term ever created. At least top 5.


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