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(SPOILER) No reward for peacful solution, endless path level 13



Having resolve 20 with the spirit of Od Nua can result peacful solution with no fight.

I got nothing from it.

I reload and killed him to see what i'll get and behold - cloak of +3 resolve!!

I thought the point in PoE is you can choose any path you want and still get same reward, which is a bit dissapointing, hoping maybe it was overlooked and maybe in future patches peaceful solution could result in Od Nua giving/leaving his cloak behind :)


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One way to look at it is that your reward is not having to go through a pretty intense boss fight.


Edit: I just went through those dialogue options for a peaceful resolution using 20 Resolve, and still received the Shroud of Mourning. It was added directly into my inventory. Are you sure you did not receive it in this way?

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I can confirm that i did get the Shroud of Mourning for using the peaceful solution, added straight into my inventory as cRichards said.


edit: Though i didn't use the 20 resolve option, i had to just go though a bunch of normal dialogue options.

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