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  1. I can confirm that i did get the Shroud of Mourning for using the peaceful solution, added straight into my inventory as cRichards said. edit: Though i didn't use the 20 resolve option, i had to just go though a bunch of normal dialogue options.
  2. Just thought I'd stop in to say that i tried this for my first character and got wiped out by the final group of spiders in the ruins by the exit, guess its been too many years since i last played these kind of games
  3. Since i'm new around here what is the acceptable offering for summoning dev's on these forums, fan tears? cute animal pictures? souls of the unborn and never lived?
  4. Just reading through the manual while the game downloads I noticed that it describes the ranger & their animal companion sharing the same health & endurance pool. I though that was an old mechanic that was change awhile ago?
  5. Okay so in my GoG library i've got windows install version 2.0.0 which is 6.3 GB and a dlc of bonus items which is 7.7 MB, based on the fact that i've heard the main game is about 6 GB and the day 1 patch is over 1 GB i'm assuming the patch isn't up on GoG yet.
  6. Yep worked for me too, got my GoG key and the game is added to my account there.
  7. And since the USA is in daylight saving time and the UK at least isn't yet it's midnight here, don't know about elsewhere.
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