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Ring of Protection bugged - suppresses own minor stats (1.03)


As of 1.03.


The Ring of Protection has the effects:


Of Fortitude: +10 Fortitude

Of Reflex: +10 Reflex

Of Will: +10 Will

Toughness 2: +4 Fortitude

Reflex bonus 2: +4 Reflex

Of Resolve: +2 Resolve


When you equip it, however, the rings own +10 Fortitude/Reflex stats suppresses its +4 Fortitude/Reflex stats, so equipping the item grants +10 Fortitude/Reflex/Will and +2 Resolve, not +14 Fortitude/Reflex, +10 Will, and +2 Resolve as expected.

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When I said death before dishonour, I meant it alphabetically.

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Just to be clear, this bugged ring is the Ring of Protection that is for sale from a merchant in Defiance Bay.


There is another Ring of Protection that you can receive by defeating the actor Lumdala (in the quest "the Final Act"). That Ring of Protection only has +10 Fortitude/Reflex/Will stats.

When I said death before dishonour, I meant it alphabetically.

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Seems more like bad item design than a bug. Different sources of the same defense are not supposed to stack, so putting two sources of the same defense on one item will always suppress the lower bonus.

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Hey guys,

Thanks for reporting this minor issue. I believe at a certain point the item was buff but the old effects were accidentally left in. Regardless, it shouldn't effect your gameplay.

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  • Thank you for your help!

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