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[Minimal Spoilers!] Seeking Help - Fire Godlike Chanter "Spotty" Build

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Greetings, all!

I'm doing a Spotty run - solo Path of the Damned (SPOTD).  Why?  Because I think I've found a winning formula!

The short answer?  Bide my time with super high defenses then summon disposable minions and traps - repeatedly!  (I call it "Stalling for summoning!" or SFS for short!)  Having soloed Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition, Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition, and much of Baldur's Gate II, I learned the best way to solo any game is to make your one unit have the strength of many via mind control, crowd control, and summoning.  (Alternatively, just slaughter everything so well it can't fight back.  That didn't work for me in Pillars of Eternity.)

I got to the first town and am level 2 - sort of.  I have the EXP but have not yet leveled.  I wanted to ask y'all about your thoughts on this character.

Stats, including from race and background!
Fire Godlike Chanter1 (Fire Godlike is for the +Damage Reduction and fire damage on melee hit when below 50% Endurance.  The +1 Intelligence also helps!)

Might 3 (Summons do my work.)
Constitution 18 (I must endure until I can summon.)
Dexterity 4 (Summons still do my work.)
Perception 19 (I dlslike being interrupted.  See also Constitution.)
Intelligence 16 (Larger AoEs and longer lingers and better dialog options?  Yay!)
Resolve 18 (Defense, ahoy!)

-Make It Go Faster [blessed Was Wendrigh, Quickest of His Tribe] (Kiting with ranged weapons and escaping hazardous situations are things.)

-Sharp Weapon Resistance [Dull the Edge, Blunt the Point] (10% less damage is good.)

-Phantom Pain [but Reny Daret's Ghost, He Would not Rest] (Phantoms have higher Deflection and attack than skeletons.)

Lore 3 (I like scrolls.)

Mechanics 2 (I like laying and disarming traps.)

Others 0 (I'd max Stealth if it meant a strong chance of total 'invisibility' a la Infinity Engine games.)

End Current Stats - Begin Prospective Stats

Items and Enchantments
I plan to wear the highest Damage Reduction I can equip ASAP due to stalling for summons.

Stat-wise, what are my priorities?  I like all stats, but CON and Perception seem best for my continued not dying.

Do I need a crafting/enchanting in-game recipe to perform the crafting or enchanting?

What other items are best for me to get, enchant, and use?  What enchantments are best?  Remember, > > minimal spoilers! < <

Prospective Skills
-How much Lore do I need to use each level of scroll?

-How much Mechanics do I need to unlock everything?  How high should my Mechanics skill be otherwise?

-How much Stealth is worthwhile?  Remember, I can save and reload.

-Athletics and Survival: What numbers of these should I have?  They don't seem especially useful.

Deflection and Prospective Talents
As for the future, I've heard I should just stack Deflection (via talents, items, etc.) as high as possible.  This means, talent-wise, I take Weapon and Shield Style then 5 stacks of Superior Deflection (+10 Deflection each).  This seems... boring, but I know too little of the game to say otherwise.

These talents look interesting:

-Ancient Memory [Chanter-Only] (Heal while I chant?  Awesome!  The amount I heal per second?  Um...)

-Body Control [Any Class] (It's +10% resistance against most stunlocks, but the spirits who target Deflection make Superior Deflection a better choice.)

-Fast Runner (+1 movement speed.  +5 Deflection vs. disengaging.  Kiting still works and this saves me a song most the time.  It still stacks with Make It Go Faster.)

-Powerful Traps [Any Class] (It's more damage from some traps.  How worth it is it?)

-Superior Deflection [Any Class] (+10 Deflection.  Stacks with itself.  Boring but practical.)

-Weapon and Shield Style [Any Class] (+6 shield Deflection and my shield's Deflection bonus also applies to my Reflex.  Sounds good - tentatively.)

Prospective Phrases - Level 1 (+2 @L1, +1 @L3)
-Chant of Broken Concentration (Enemies are more likely to experience interruptions in their flailings and castings.)

-Chant of Slowly Killing Everything (It does Raw(?) Endurance damage to all foes in the area - slowly.  My Might affects damage dealt.  This seems like a 'meh' pick,)

Prospective Phrases - Level 2 (+1 @L5, L7)
-Chant of Disney's Frozen (Only matters if I'm moving away from my foes and they're following in my wake.  Having seen how enemies cluster in some sections of this game, this seems like a low priority.  See also the Chant of Slowly Killing Everything.)

-Chant of Ranged Attacks (I like kiting.  This helps me kite.  It also relies on kiting.  As useful as kiting.)

-Chant of the Scaredy Pants (-2 Dexterity and -2 Resolve are just gravy compared to -10 melee and ranged accuracy!  Note AoE though, and this is mostly better against melee.)

Prospective Phrases - Level 3 (+1 @L9, L11)
-Chant of Burning Blades (40 Slash and 40 Burn damage per tick to those near me.  Might be worthwhile.  Seems better than the Chant of Burning Hands.)

-Chant of Burning Hands (Ally attacks do +25 Burn damage.  Does Might affect this?  Is it worth it?)

-Chant of Practical Deflection (+10 Deflection to self and all friendlies in range.  A debatably slight improvement over the level 2 version.)

Prospective Invocations - Level 1 (+1 @L1, +1@ L2, L4)
-Cone of Blown (Stuns foes in melee range then pushes them back slightly.  Handy for disengaging.  Is another invocation better?)

-Cone of Moan (Summons 3 worms from the corpse of any foe that died this fight.  Also explodes corpses in range, dealing Crush damage.)

-The Thanatos Trio (Summon 3 skeletons.  They help flank and deal some damage.  Each is ntoably weak, even at level 1.  This invocation doesn't scale well.)

Prospective Invocations - Level 2 (+1 @L6, L8)
-Be Mine! (Charms foes in melee range for 8 seconds.  Mine!)

-Summon Dragon Babies (Are the 3 units I get with this summon better than the 2 I get with Summon Wisps?)

-Summon Wisps (If I get 2 units per summon instead of 3 from the same level ability, they seem more individually powerful.  True?)

Prospective Invocations - Level 3 (+1 @L10, L12)
-Disposable Drake (I summon a drake.  Worth it?)

-"He Did It!  No, He Did It!" (Summon 2 ogres.  How does this compare to a lone drake?)

-Let It Snow (45-60 Freeze damage - before Might? - to foes around me.  I may already have Chant of Burning Blades.  I'm not convinced Let It Snow is worth it.  Convince me.)

End Prospective Stats

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I have almost finished a Solo Chanter PotD run, so it is definitely possible!
I actually recommend Mig 18, Con 10, Dex 4, Per 18, Int 10, Res 18.

Here is why. You don't have a very large health pool in the first place, so you are getting only modest benefits from constitution.
Might allows you to do considerably more damage with an early Fine Arbalest you can find, and guns later in the game.
This early damage is actually EXTREMELY important for alpha striking enemies:

  1. You can one shot Wicht, lesser spiders, skuld whelps, etc.
  2. You can put many other enemies into Near Death with that opening shot.
  3. You can actually use a leeching weapon more effectively to stay alive later in the game.

DEFINITELY take Blessed Was Wendrigh and Fast Runner. They do stack and become your bread and butter. It's entirely possible to kite a large number of enemies in this game, and you should abuse the **** out of this. Seriously, alpha strike for huge damage, kite until you summon, wreck face, and run away if things go south. It is completely viable to assassinate one enemy then run away, assassinate another enemy then run away, etc.

Mechanics 9 eventually (so you get 11 from the +2 gloves), but this is not an immediately pressing need. Just get Mechanics 5 at your first level up and you should be good for a while, unless you want to cheese your way to a life leech sword which needs 10 mechanics ASAP.

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