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Path of the Damned + Expert Mode + Trial of Iron + Solo = TOO EASY!

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So did you cheese it by abusing rogue combat escapes or did you genuinely beat it


This is an extremely vague topic


Beat it without cheesing and you have my ear. Currently, on my playthrough, I've cheesed in some way. Dunno how you'd be able to do it otherwise. You can "beat" Raedric's Hold with minimal combat. Is that cheesing, or simply following the game's rules and using an ability that Obsidian has developed, to its full potential?


Albeit, I do think that is cheesy to attack a group of enemies, kill one or two, then reset combat and return to town to rest, and then rinse repeat until there is no enemies left. But that's awfully time consuming in itself. But it is one way to do it still.


If you think that running into a room with 10 enemies that deal poison damage or have other annoying status effects is the way to do it, good luck. You'll be bald at the end of it from pulling out your hair :p


Assuming you're not trolling, how do you deal with misses in POTD, because when I tried I was constantly missing. And also how do you deal with the Will O'Wisp without getting charm spammed

You get Weapon Focus and Enchant your items to be accurate maybe and you stop missing? The will o wisps aren't that bad (damage-wise). If you use a scroll or potion you can also deal with them even faster. And then there's items later that negate Confusion (Which the Wisps inflict) effects.


Just pull the Wisps from Caed Nua into where Kana stands and you can flank them too :p


If POTD Solo Crown is too easy? Don't agree. It is hard work and lots of research, even if you research on Easy it is still research. Somewhat bothersome, but I still think it is fun.


The most annoying part of it, imo, is that creating a new character isn't as ease-of-use as it could be... and the Prologue could seriously need a "Skip" button and start on Level 2 outside Cilant Lis after the scripted event... or just give you the dialogue options for your background history and then bam, start as a level 2 character. Takes maybe only 5-7 minutes to finish Encampment+Cilant Lis, but I'd rather be on my way to Gilded Vale on that time rather than going through the Prologue for the 30th time xD

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