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I'm getting my ass kicked

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What difficulty are you playing, chengda? First thing I would say is that you should have options for at least one additional party member before you get to those fights, as that potential member is in the same area as Aloth. If the game is too tough, always consider turning down the difficulty. I don't have a lot of time to give advice, but hopefully one of the many ol' timer grognards can weigh in with additional advice.

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I made a wizard and I'm running around with Aloth getting my ass kicked by wolves and wisps and ****, what do I do?


If you have Aloth with you, then you should have Eder with you too. Wizards are pretty nice to play with especially the Fan of Flames. Wizards are not tanks. You need a fighter for front lines. Your Fan of Flames will burn the wisps for breakfast. Try to be adventurous as a gamer in finding out options.

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Fan of Flames is your best spell (particularly if you've already installed patch 1.03 which nerfs the other two decent level 1 spells). Aloth should have it and if you do not, copy it from his grimoire (it only costs 100 pands). If you follow the main plotline just a little bit further, you should be able to pick up a Fighter NPC who will make your life a great deal easier.

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Consdiering you're using 1.03, Wizard has the weakest start. Go get Eder, make another tank, and possibly even go get Durance real quick.  Once you get Confuse and Slumber, at high levels, you become almost as good as Druids and Ciphers. Almost.

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Use console commands and ram through it in godmode.

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