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Slicken was way OP. Made pretty much any other CC spell redundant. Instant moderate-duration large-area disable. With that, why would anyone waste a spell on, say, Binding Web?


The funny thing is, for all the posts about "slicken is overpowered", I actually never even had it in my spellbook for most of the game and I never had a problem. Whether or not it's better than other spells is irrelavent because there are enough other spells that are still very useful. Slicken is not a problem. In fact, I often find myself mixing up which spells I use just for variety and there are a lot of spells that are useful.

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Uh.  I can use a spell or two every fight with Aloth if I want, by which point most fights are generally over, and I think I've run out of camping supplies once.  When you have 10+ spells per rest available, there's absolutely no reason you should be autoattacking "most of the time."

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suggestion to the devs to eliminate this issue:


once a spell level gets 4 spells per rest.. make them 2 per encounter instead ..or at least have a talent/feat available at say level 4 where that is an option. it would eliminate the need for rest spam all together and still require some management because your higher level spells still have to be managed.  and if you still want spells to be per rest instead.. just dont buy the feat/talent.


just my 2 cents.

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I'm fine with placing some sort of limitations on recovery. I just don't like the current implementation. The only purpose I can see for the current system is to make the game more tedious, and that isn't a good reason for a system to exist.


It seems clear by the designs of almost every other system in the game that one of the big goals of this project was to eliminate tedious tasks from the Infinity Engine games while still acknowledging the things those games did well. Inventory, weight, and ammo restrictions didn't make those games more fun. Those were some of the most irritating tasks in those games.


I'm 100% in favor of eliminating restrictions like those, and for the most part, Obsidian managed to eliminate almost every single one of those tedious tasks. Most of the systems honor the spirit of the IE games while still improving things those games didn't do well. Everyone involved in this project deserves praise for the incredible amount of work that went into it. The whole game feels like a giant love letter to the Infinity Engine games. I just find it bizarre that the resting restrictions were implemented at all as they seem to go against the spirit of everything else the game is trying to do.


And no I'm not cheating to bypass this problem. Suggesting that is ignoring the problem some of us are having with the resting system as it currently stands. Cheating isn't something we want to do. We don't want the game to be easier. We just want a reasonable recovery system that lets us actually use our spellcasters while still having to plan ahead in some way.


These issues are big enough for me that they've effectively destroyed my enjoyment of an otherwise brilliant game. I find that incredibly disappointing and frustrating.

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