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Is Returning Storm supposed to be swapped with Relentless Storm?



Returning Storm is the level three druid spell. Relentless Storm is level five.


They're identical except for the fact that Returning Storm does more damage, stuns longer, but has half the duration. However, it's by far the superior spell despite that.


It feels like this was a mistake.

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This obvious switching error is still there!

I just thought returning storm was really an overpowered spell. I just discovered why, and found only this post, and this other post to concur.

It's a badly unbalancing effect that would cost almost no time to fix, and should be hotfixed ASAP! Still, it's been month since the first report. Please, do something!

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I just got my druid reaching the level to cast level 5 spells.

First thing I see is that relentless storm is a nerfed version of the overpowered (for its level) level 3 returning storm spell, as I just re-reported here.

Then I discover the numbers behind wall of thorns. weakens and does 4-6 damage… Shouldn't that be a level 1 spell?

Looks like someone balanced the number of spells in each level, forgot to adjust the values of this one, and switched the storms spells.

Please, fix them, these somewhat spoil this otherwise awesome class of this awesome game.


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Hey guys,


Just to give you some clarification on the two spells. Returning Storm does more damage but strikes less frequently. Relentless Storms does less damage but it strikes more frequently and also adds accuracy to hitting the enemies saves, resulting in a higher chance of hitting and stunning. 


Thanks for your support.

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