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Wolf companion still not fixed v1.03



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Yup, the Wolf is still all 10s. 


If you check the other creature companions, they have all a total of about 65 statpoints, so you could edit your wolf accordingly via the console (which I did).


In order to do that you have to do the following: 


1. Install IE Mod


2. Open the console


3. Enter iroll20s        

-> This activates cheats and deactivates achievements. Reloading after you modified everything will re-activate achievements.


4. Enter FindCharacter "companion Name"    

Example: FindCharacter Itumaak

-> You will see the console name for your companion in the combat log now


5. Enter AttributeScore "companion console name" attribute value      

Example: AttributeScore CRE_ArcticFox_Animal_Companion(Clone)_11 Might 15

->This will set Itumaak's Might to 15



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We're following up on this issue and will have it resolved in an upcoming patch.


Often, including for the sake of stability, some fixes need to have priority over others. With that said, we appreciate your patience on this.


Thanks for the heads-up, folks.



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