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  1. Oscuro's post in Skipping Ahead - Flaune Disappears ? was marked as the answer   
    Thank you for the save file. I've developed a fix and it'll be included in our next patch. Not only will the cutscene not play again but I've also added a fix for your particular case to make sure that Flaune reappears (internally we were unable to reproduce that part of the issue).
    Your help was much appreciated - thanks again!
  2. Oscuro's post in [Bug] Can't take Captain Esmar prisoner was marked as the answer   
    I've implemented a solution for this in the upcoming patch (2.03). It's now being tested:
    - As long as Cwineth is still alive, it's now possible to take Esmar prisoner even if you've already cleared the way for the expedition by dealing with the stelgaer that block the escape route at the northern edge of the Northweald.
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