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Skipping Ahead - Flaune Disappears ?



During the quest "Skipping Ahead", when you get back to the tower and kill the mercenaries Flaune will disappear (hide) and reappear after they are dead.


What happened to me is that I killed them, ran down the stairs after talking to her, went back to the top to see if I missed any dialog, but instead she just ran off and disappeared.


Now I cant complete the quest "Sabotage at the Brass citadel" and "The Man of Chimes", I also dont have a recent save from before the bug happened and cant undo it.


Is there a way to fix this (can I spawn her back in with a console command?) or  will I have to finish the game without being able to finish these 2 quests?

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Thank you for the save file. I've developed a fix and it'll be included in our next patch. Not only will the cutscene not play again but I've also added a fix for your particular case to make sure that Flaune reappears (internally we were unable to reproduce that part of the issue).


Your help was much appreciated - thanks again!



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