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Faith and Conviction Question



I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum but this seemed the most appropriate since it's a technical question.


As long as you don't pick the alignments that are directly expressed as bad for your build does your faith and conviction stay the same?  I'm having a lot of trouble determining which dialogue option work for my paladin order. I didn't pick the classic white night but I didn't pick the bleak walker either. It doesn't specifically tell you which dialogues are stoic and rationale for the Goldpack Knights and so far I'm getting just Diplomatic in my character sheet. It's kind of frustrating because I feel a lot of it is guessing dialogue inflection. So as long as I don't pick Passionate and aggressive, hard to really figure that out because cruel would come off aggressive to me, am I ok? I really don't want to blow a talent on Untroubled faith just the be ok.

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As far as I can see the only thing that matters is the ones listed as positive or negative for your specific paladin. The taltent "untroubled faith" removes the effect of the ones from the negative selections. The ones that are not listed seems to not matter. I am currently level 5 and have the following levels:

Clever 1

Stoic 2

Diplomatic 1 

Rational 2

Deceptive 1


I am goldpact, and the positive ones are rational and stoic. The negative are passionate and agressive. I have taken all the possible dialouges with stoic and rational. The diplomatic one was the first to increase to rank 1.

From somewhere on the web I found that the "faith and conviction" works in levels. So you need a a total of 1, 4, 6, something (cant recall the excact levels) in total to have a different modifier.


But from my memory it has been increasing linearly along with the points in reputation. So currently my faith&con gives:

+9 def, +18 rest. ( this would be based on a total of level 4: 2 stoic, and 2 rational)

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