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  1. Some of them are very worthwhile (Moonkin), others can be good depending on your build (Fire and Nature for tanks or off tanks, Death for DPS). At least IMO.
  2. Another possibility, is it a crash where it black screens after loading to a new area? That is a known bug and there is a work around for it posted in one of the threads in the technical support forum.
  3. Of classes with the same starting accuracy, yes. Some classes start with 15 Accuracy, some with 25, not sure if there are any that start at 20. But all of them go up the same amount on leveling up.
  4. So, someone posted that this is how spell accuracy is determined. If it's right then there are currently no ways to really try to stack accuracy with spells other then general bonuses that are available to pretty much everyone, meaning spells for wizards/druids(and I think clerics) will be 18-30 short of any other character of that race that is accuracy focused with a weapon. Edit: Here is the thread. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/73874-how-is-spell-accuracy-determined/
  5. It would be nice if it was explained better, I don't mind the accuracy affecting spells as long as I can stack accuracy from talents and so on, as that allows them the chance to crit. Plus the only defense against the attacks are the same defenses used by others, for things like debuffs. If it does affect it would it only be the Implement weapons? Implement and Quarterstaves for the traditional mage/druid type thing? The only +x I've seen for spells is +10 accuracy, which for the ones I've been looking are the ones that start with the worst accuracy which simply brings them to the same lev
  6. Does spell casting gain any accuracy benefit from gear? Such as using a one handed weapon, weapon focus talent, accuracy enchantments?
  7. Im not sure, the wild strike belt not working is getting solved. but i dont know if they will allow the other items to work. For what im testing, secundary weapons and quick slot items are not getting overwrited. but you cant use them. It would be nice. In my view all that it really needs to have is the benefits from gear. It doesn't need more, and other classes will still beat it in close combat as they only get the auto attacks and a once per rest ability.
  8. That's for how the "temporal equipment" works, it changes all of it, not just the ones marked for change, i reported it as a bug(for other reason) so i dont know if they will change it Oh? If it's getting changed to that that will make me a happy druid. I don't mind not getting other close combat benefits, after all druids are primarily casters, so even just that as a change will be nice.
  9. I think many people wanted something you can build for, rather than a early game crutch. I like making viable shifters. Boo-hoo indeed. I suppose that's fair, but implementing such a change would require a pretty heavy corresponding nerf to the class's casting abilities. It's a borderline-overpowered class as it is. Shifting being weak is less a "balance" issue and more a "I wish this apple had been a pear" issue. In the meanwhile, if you want a furry and fragile damage-dealer, may I suggest a Wild Orlan Rogue or Monk? you can be ok in mele, or even good at melee, if
  10. Something that allows it to at least gain benefit from enchantments on gear you have equipped would be nice. Either that or it needs to scale with level in order to justify having any talents in it. I had been looking forward to making a shifting druid, but fortunately I found out about the poor scaling before putting talents into it.
  11. Shapeshift as a toggle with scaling? Yes please, even if it costs a talent. It needs to either get bonuses from gear (such as the unarmed attacks getting bonuses from what weapon you have equipped in the slot when you change) or separate scaling. I was very annoyed when my defenses dropped when I shifted.
  12. That... really is annoying. I would of thought it would either scale on its own or at least get the benefits of enchanted gear with some benefits for it's unarmed attack, really gets rid of the idea of playing shifting focused druid. It benefits from the base +ACC and +DEF that you gain on level-up, and you can invest talents to improve it (WF: Peasant; the flavors of Wild Strike). It also benefits from active buffs (e.g., Paladin auras) as other attacks do. But as enemies scale to be a challenge to warrior classes using enchanted gear, that doesn't quite keep up. That is annoyi
  13. Spiritshift doesn't scale at all? Given that it doesn't get gear bonuses (at all from what I've noticed) that's pretty... lame.
  14. Faith and Conviction works for me, it doesn't activate until combat starts. If you go the character screen during combat and after combat you should notice that your defenses are different.
  15. Having the same issue in Radrick's Keep. I'm on the rooftop and when I try to go back in it gives me a black screen. Tried loading from a few different saves. I do have a save from before going up there, but up there is a rather nice ring...
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