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  1. I'm sorry if there was any miscommunication about this! We wanted the chromecase to look sleek but not obtrusive in backers' collections and libraries. I know it's a small consolation, but the card's code is different from the code we sent you upon release (and boy am I glad we decided to do that - talk about logistical nightmares), so if you have that friend who put the game on their wishlist but hasn't yet bought it, you can definitely put them in your debt send them a token of your friendship! Thanks for replying, Dan. I just felt a little salty after waiting a long time to receive my physical rewards and after all that buildup of anticipation to be let down. I got over it and my rant wasn't meant to be malicious. However, I did get my backer shirt in the mail though! So that's some good news! Also, I know it's a long shot but Is there ANY way I can get a actual physical copy of the instruction manual? I don't care if I have to pay for it or whatever, I just love having a big manual to thumb through like Baldur's Gate or Arcanum. PC games just don't have those cool physical items like before.
  2. Really disappointed with my "physical box version" which is literally a physical case with a code printed on a card. I was under the impression it would have at least the same items as the physical box version of PoE 1, not less. The whole point of getting the physical copy of a game is actually the physical copy, not a printout card in a small metal case.
  3. OP, there is a setting in the options that will show what personality trait your response represents. Not sure if this is what you're looking for.
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