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UI needs some serious work.

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Everything on the main UI is too small. I can see numbers on the portrait of my characters. I cannot read them. The ability icons are insanely small. Everything is way too small.


On a 4:3 screen, the openable screens (inventory-character-shop-etc) are actually much too big and go out of the screen a bit on both sides of the screen.


Text scaling is universal but problematic. I need to reduce the scaling quite a bit to not have gigantic dialogues. But then the "cutscenes" text is WAY too small and unreadable.


The default size for the dialogue bar is way too large and resets every time the game is opened.


Changing resolution has no effects of any kind and most resolutions are unlisted.



Just a handful of problems that should be fixed...

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4:3 scale? That's somewhat unusual these days (on gaming forums anyway). original.gif


I haven't had any of these issues either, although I did turn down the font scaling a bit because the text felt too large (1080 resolution). Screenshots would definitely be helpful.

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As to UI :

A way to organize the spells/ability (displayied automaticaly over the main Ui ; erase, move, at last.

Then, the ability to create "folder" like it is done for the class spells, as to have a clean & tidy UI..

On the same stand, option to move these around (widget style) as to have say "support", "contact", "distant", "heal".
This allowing for quite a more efficient & ergonomic UI.

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