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I am not sure what character class I want to play as. I am feeling the trepidation and weight of picking something I may not entirely like or will wonder what I may like better. And I don't want to pick something where an NPC companion might become available early with that class too.


I was thinking of going with a Rogue, but then I heard that the group-stealth messes with backstabs and such. I thought it might be cool to have someone disarm traps and pick chests, and since there is no NPC rogue in the game, it seemed like a safe choice.


BUT... I'd probably enjoy playing as a spellcaster/diplomatic character - one who is really good in dialog and also uses lots of spells. I don't know if that means being a Druid or a Mage - what makes sense? Maybe some guidance would be appreciated here.


Help? :)

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