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Greater Focus Talent - Not Working -



So, when i got to lvl 4, i chose the talent "Greater Focus" with my cipher, but it does not grant the plus 10 focus to my max pool. I have a max of 30 focus, but supposedly i should have 40 max focus.


I'm playing on windows 7


Any clues?

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Huh, I wondered the same thing. I suppose I won't be taking that talent...

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It doesn't add 10 focus to your starting focus, only to your maximum focus (yes that sucks) but currently it's working as intended - it's just a bad talent.

Depends.  Does Draining Whip give you +2 for every enemy hit or just the first one? In other words, can you focus on AOE for faster, larger focus gains once you have it?  If you can double or triple up, I can see how an AOE focused cipher could benefit from higher max focus, especially if sporting fast weapons.  If not ,i.e., if you only get the +2 per attack with no multiplier for how many enemies hit, even if it's AOE, then yeah, not optimal.  Anyone know which one it is?

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