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Maybe it's known for a long time to many of you, but i just found out that the dialog requirements are not just for attributes, skills and our reputation, but also for specific races, cultures, classes, and then some. How cool is that?  :w00t:  :biggrin:


E.g. in the Skaen Cultists Lair - we are able to come out with completely different solution when we are playing as Ciphers. And in the same dialog we are able to choose answer with "Skaen" requirement - whats this about? Do we need to gather some info about this god or can we during the game become his follower?


Now my rpg-player perks "completionist" and "perfectionist" got activated and i'll just have to play them all  :dancing:

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Oh right  :banghead:  It probably should be signed as [Priest:Skaen] though, to be more specific and prevent confusion.

Actually it would be also cool if there were some requirements from gathering information - book we read, people we succesfully investigated and so on. Well maybe in sequel :dancing:

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so basically you have to re-play the game 100 times to see all dialog options?

Eh I think it's more inline that playing the game several times means that there's a chance to find something new in the dialogue that would open a new line of dialogue or actions.

For example in FONV, I'm still finding new dialogue options. For example I played a "William Munny" type character and didn't put any points into speech or barter and came across the quest to recruit hookers for a casino. The ghoul had only either a speech check or a barter check to recruit her. After failing both options, later in the game tried again to see if there was something I missed, and lo and behold I got another option that wasn't there before because I had a certain beverage on me. Tbh it was exciting moment and made me wonder if there was other options that weren't actually visible and gave me a desire to yet again try new things and more play thrus.


So if the dialogue and story are good and given lots of options, then hell yes I would love that I had to play thru a 100 times to get all the dialogue options. Great way to encourage replayablility.

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