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Are they going to buff ranger or highly doubtful?

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Try this. Ranger Rifleman


Wood Elf Max DEX

Class: Lvl 1 Marked Prey, Lvl 3 Swift Aim, Lvl 5 Swift and Steady
Talents: Lvl 2 Gunner, Level 4 Weapon Focus Soldier for Arquebus, Lvl 6 Marksman
Also see if you can get a chanter with Sure Handed buffing it. I'm curious just how fast that Ranger would be. 
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I have tried it a lot in BB 480 - in three capacities: tanky 2H ranger + murderous bear pet killing stuff hard (strongest version), dexxy two weapon style with super-fast weapons (very good too), and an equally dexxy ranged madman gunner with Fast Aim (absolutely lethal). It's one of my contenders for my first character. I had given up on it, but now the class is back with a vengeance. :)

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