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[480] Cipher: Wrongly estimated damage modifier in description in combat mode for Biting Whip talent



Biting Whip talent states in its description that it modifies Soul Whip by x1.2 Damage. Soul Whip description then puts together the original and the additional bonus as:
Self x1.2 Damage, x1.2 Damage


However, in combat mode when Soul Whip ability is active, the same description (and character sheet active effects section) display:
Self x2.4 Damage


See picture below (left in normal game, right in combat):



[Expected behavior]
Description of the ability should be the same regardless of the game mode. It should probably show something like:
Self x1.2 Damage, x1.2 Damage
Self x1.4 Damage
Self +40%



I think damage modifiers probably work as intended (together +40% damage), so the bug is only in the descriptions during combat mode?

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