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Is time a factor in the game?

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From what I have seen, time plays a role in a couple of ways. Like traveling takes time, and resting takes time. On the other hand time triggers some stuff in the Stronghold.


Now my question regarding that is: Is there any use of being time efficient?


Let's just say that Player 1 goes into a combat heads first, and needs to rest after each combat. So he rested 10 times after 10 fights.


Player 2 is playing efficient and only needed to rest once after 10 fights.


Now how much does one of these "rests" actually cost you? Does Player 1 actually have an advantage now as he will have earned something in the Stronghold while the time passed? Is there actually any reason to be very tactical in combats (as long as you do beat them ofc)?

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1: Resting in the field has a cost in the form of camping supplies. The monetary cost of these may not be a major problem as the game goes on, but you still have a limit as to how many you can carry.

2: Stronghold events can be both positive and negative. I expect they'll work out to a net positive assuming you handle it well, but you can have attacks and unwanted visitors in addition to merchants and dignitaries.


EDIT: So far as we understand it, though, time is not a major feature in the game however you play.

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This is something Ive been curious about but didn't want to get spoiled about. It seems a little weird how closely the game appears to be tracking time (down to the hour). People at your stronghold don't leave on the third day they leave 72 hours from when they show up, You can only have one upgrade being built at a time (I think) etc. And Obsidian did have the whole spirit eating mechanic before in MoB where time became a factor. Im not really expecting it but I wont be surprised if time does have a role to play in the story.

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I would like it if time mattered, but outside of a few optional quests I highly doubt it.


This is one of the (many) things Fallout did really well, with its main quest being 'get the thingy in 100 days' and then you are just dropped in the desert. The upcoming game 'Serpent in the Staglands' also seems to use time to great effect, with entire towns being razed dynamically over time and important NPC's moving towns or just dying.

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