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Broken Age (Double-Fine Adventure)


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Broken Age (Not *this* one, but the game). 


I saw a reference to this in a Steam discusssion, through a link in context with the Day of The Tentacle, which I am happy to see will receive some attention soon. The first ten user reviews don't recommend the game, because it's too easy and too short and they really don't understand where those $4M went.. That doesn't make it a bad game, but the game has this refined, cutesy cuddly look all around. It looks very stylish and childish and far far away in Galaxy that I would never give a **** about and the actors acredited to this game really means nothing to me, that could sell it all by itself, but my curiosity is piqued and I am short of a game that I want to play.


I tried searching for it, but I find too many other things that are broken.


Anyone want to share their experience and impressions?

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First off, the game is not currently finished, the second and final half is supposed to be in beta now and will be released soon-ish. So regardless, I'd probably wait until that one is released.


The main pull of the first half of the game was definitely the story. I thought that was very well done and while it looks "cutesy" and is very humorous, there is a dark side to the story as well. I really enjoyed that. Also, I think the game looks beautiful.


Apart from that, I agree with the reviews that you brought up there. The first half is very short, and it is very easy. Doublefine is saying that the second half will be longer and more difficult as well and I can only hope they make good on that promise.


If I were in your seat, I'd wait until the second half is released and see what people has to say then.

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Yeah I really enjoyed the first half and look forward to the second.  But then I was not a backer, I just bought it the regular way.  If I had donated hundreds of dollars I might feel differently.


Or maybe not.  It was a really cool adventure game.

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First part played easy if somewhat confusing at times, sounded good, and looked all too childish for my tastes. It was a fun game to play, and I look forward to the second part :)


Another important part was the whole kickstarter experience surrounding it, most notably the documentary. It is very well made and shows a lot of the inner workings of a game dev company. Probably not a representative one, but still a good look into the development, and knowing more about how and by whom it was created did somehow enhance my enjoyment of Broken Age Pt. 1 :)

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Not even going into the MASSIVE BULL**** surrounding the kickstarter funds or how DF has treated their backers or critics, it's just not a good game. The story is not developed for either main character, the worlds feel locked off and plastic, and I shouldn't be forced to play with horrible mechanics just because they are "old school". Bad mechanics are bad mechanics, no matter what. 


The documentary is great, though; especially when things fall apart hardcore.

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I really liked part 1, thought it was absolutely charming and often funny. Doesn't seem like an instant-classic, but that's usually hard to say before the full picture is presented.

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