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Merchant Gold / Shop Interface


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delete / lock thread pls


Merchant Gold is being removed


I talked to Bobby about the merchant gold limit. He/the area designers had originally wanted it to limit the effects that a modified vendor buy price (e.g., the merchant buys your stuff for more % money as a quest reward) would have. I told them to remove all of those and shift those bonuses to vendor sell prices (i.e., affecting what you buy from the merchant). That was done a little while ago, so the merchant gold limit isn't necessary. I'll write up an issue to get rid of it.

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BG games also had no gold limit but had price for selling things being reduced with each additional same item sold. That was a cool little economic simulation.

Will PoE have something similar?




Sell a winter wolf pelt - you get 500 gp.

Sell a second one in the same shop - you get 300gp.

If you didn't want that happening, you had to accumulate as many of the same items as possible and sell them all at once by selecting all of them before selling. This way you get max gp for each one.

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Nothing gold can stay.

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