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PoE Guidebook Available for preorder

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The Book Depository is owned by Amazon, has been for a few years. Those of us keen to avoid Amazon don't have many options, really.


They are? Did not know that. Too bad. I'll probably keep using 'em, though.

I don't really have a problem with Amazon. I mean, I'm no fan, but I'm not upset enough for a boycott or anything. I can understand if others are, though. Used Amazon.com before, and would again, but shipping across the ocean usually isn't cheap or fast. No local/national version Oh wait, there is. But hilariously limited. (I could use the UK site, but it's not that great an option price wise, and the German one ... well, my German isn't that great, and I'm not really comfortable relying on Google's Translation service if I don't have to.)


one question. Is content of Almanach same as of Guidebook ? To me it looks like it is. But if not what is difference? Can someone comment on this?


Nope. not the same.  

The descriptions from the Pre-order page on the Pillars of Eternity website itself:


The Campaign Almanac contains everything related to the lore, history, and world of Eora as originally told by Hylsman Horag and revised by the Hand Occult. The 35 page almanac has commentary provided by a variety of authors and is an engrossing read for anyone keen to delve deeper into the world of Pillars of Eternity

(Digital only)


Digital version of the book that is being published by Dark Horse. It contains lots of information and art on the setting, story, and creatures of Pillars of Eternity. 112 pages.

(This is the Guidebook:Volume one)


Digital version of our strategy guide from Prima penned by the same writer of the Fallout: New Vegas guide. Contains all the information players will need to master Pillars of Eternity and reveal all of the content available.

(And that last one's 400 pages.) Edited by Ark Evensong
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Ok, so let me get this straight: The Pillar's of Eternity Guidebook Volume One by DARK HORSE is not included in any of the backer rewards, right? However, the Collector's Edition Strategy Guide aka Pillars of Eternity Collector's Book aka Pillars of Eternity: Prima Official Game Guide by PRIMA GAMES is included for backers (for example $250 tier)?


Oh man, I'm confused. It says in in my order summary "Hardcover full color Pillars of Eternity Collector's Book" and in update 90: "Prima Games - Collector's Edition Strategy Guide" and in update 89: "Pillars of Eternity Collector's Book" and goes on to say:


"As we've announced previously, we partnered with Dark Horse to bring you the Pillars of Eternity Collector's Book. Where the Prima Strategy Guide will be your go-to companion for all your walkthrough and strategy needs, the Collector's Book is there to satisfy the most hardcore lore enthusiasts. Whether your pledge included a physical copy or a digital copy, the Collector's Book is something we're sure you'll be happy with. We're very proud of it and we think Dark Horse did an amazing job bringing it to life."


Soooo... It seems I should be getting the PoE Guidebook by Dark Horse after all and NOT the PoE Prima Official Guide by Prima Games. I am genuinely confused. :blink::unsure:

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Forlorn Hope, your last line is correct. Yeah, the naming scheme could've been less confusing. Doesn't help that both are sometimes listed with, and sometimes without the "Collector" tag.


But I'll go ahead and quote myself from a different thread:


The "Pillars of Eternity Guidebook: Volume one", (112 pages, published by Dark Horse) is the "Collector's Book" from the Kickstarter, and is included (in digital form) for backers of the $35 and up tiers. (and physically for the $250 and up tiers.) For the current digital pre-orders, it's only included in the Royal Edition. This will contain lore and art. "Volume One", because yeah, an expansion or sequel could very well spawn another Collector's Book, and it's nice to start numbering from the start. Doubt there are concrete plans already, though.


The Strategy Guide (400+ pages, published by Prima) is included in the $80 and up Kickstarter tiers, ONLY in digital form. Also included in the digital Royal Edition pre-order. If you want the physical version of that, you'll have to pony up yourself.


The Campaign Almanac, (35 pages, no separate publisher) Included in Kickstarter tiers of $50 and up. For the current pre-orders, it's included in both the Champion and Royal edition. The Almanac is an "in-character" description of the world and lore, and looks like a lot of fun. Only exists in digital form.

Entarion, if you get a version above the "basic" edition (a.k.a. Hero Edition), it should include the Almanac as a PDF. Dunno about translations, but the English version should be available just about anywhere. I doubt it will be sold separately (it was available as an add-on for backers), but I expect there'll be a way to upgrade your package on Steam or GOG.

Edited by Ark Evensong
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Very much appreciated Ark Evensong, thank you for the clarification! It says on Amazon that


"“Thank You” Section— includes the printed names of over 4,000 customers who helped fund the development of the game via Kickstarter.com.  Each of these ‘backers’ will be presented with an offer to buy the guide."


Any info on that? I would very like to purchase the book and I remember reading somewhere that we, as backers, would be eligible for a discount.

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When I wrote Prima Games about the offer they dodged the question, which disappeared from its description in the link for preordering that was given in Update #90. I'm afraid there will be no offer.

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