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[BUG] Animal Companion instant attacks / attacks dont register



[Description of the issue]

Animal Companion initiates normal attack animation but then cancels it and begins to spasm with the time bar instantly filling and depleteing but there is only a stutter animation/continuously interrupted attack animation, no damage is dealt and doesnt even appear on the changelog. Was using the bear. Have not tested other animal companions. During this companion attack sound effects (roar) are continually looped (only the starting part as it gets interrupted).

Coupled with the previously reported area transition problems (upstairs from the inn) this makes the Ranger class currently unplayable as intended (with animal companion).


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

Make a ranger.

Go to enemy.

Order animal companion to attack enemy.

Observe if damage or interaction is registered in the combat log.

Lions may be better oponents so as to not have poison damage tick message spam.


[Expected behaviour]

The bear attacking with normal recovery and animation and its damage being displayed in the combat log.


[Other remarks / Comments]

Started as wood elf with Vicious Companion (+ damage to animal companion) trait and a Bear as companion.

Also there seems to be some weird wording going on in the combat log:




When moused over they display a miss:


But this message was only ocasionally displayed and did not coincide with the bear´s attack spam. It might be the beetle poison being re-aplied or something as it didnt appear at all when fighting the lions.

Re-loading from the main menu does not solve the issue.

It seems to be a problem with the selection radious colision. It seems the companion cant "reach" the enemy so it continually loops:




The Ranger can still attack just fine. Im not sure how colision and reach affects attacks conecting when theyve already been initiated but that maybe be a cause for the problem.


EDIT: Stag doesnt seem to have this problem. It has a much smaller selection circle than the bear though. It might be because of the cleave attack though as he only did 14 damage. Edit: Actually im positive that the only thing registering was the cleave damage and not the main damage.

EDIT2: Antelope has the same issue even though its selection circle is the same as the Stag´s.

EDIT3: Wolf has the same issue. Hes the same as the Antelop afaik.

EDIT4: Boar has the same problems. Hes the same as previous 2.

EDIT5: And finally Lion is the same as all above minus Stag. He does attack slowers and without the spam/stwitchyness of the others.

Also, the whole max health not being full when leveling up to 5 is still there but goes away the next loading screen.

So, there thats all the companions. They all also exhibit the "cant go to nect area in scramped spaces" problem too.

Hope that helps!

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