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[v278] Graphic skew after looking at map



[Description of the issue]


After looking at the map(M) the graphics skew on me with the horizontal axis no longer in ratio with the vertical

Characters are offset from the blue circles and then appear to walk through walls and buildings in the village as the paths don't match the overlay

The far right hand edge of the screen has a thin strip where the graphics are normal


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

Open the Map (M) using either the key or clicking on the button

After the map is closed, the graphics skew

This occurred in both the village and Dryford Crossing


[Expected behaviour]

The graphics don't skew and stay as expected


[Other remarks / Comments]

entering any building and then exiting will return the map to normal in the village

I am using 3 monitors and have the window spread across all of them

I didn't experience this issue in the previous build at all

I took a screen shot, but the only way I could get it below 1.5mb was to convert to 16 colour bitmap which didn't really illustrate the issue very well. I have uploaded it in the hope it gives enough of a clue. graphic skew 16.zip

Any chance that the file upload limit could be changed to support modern file sizes - at least for the bug forum?


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