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Inventory Items Appearing in Game World



Savegame: http://www.upload.ee/files/4244388/GhostWeapons.savegame.html

Issue reproduction:

1) Load savegame (provided above)

2) Move between first and second floor of Dracogen Inn

3) Note that items in character inventories are moving about the game world in a disembodied fashion and / or piled in a non-interactive heap on the ground.


Expected behavior:

Items in character inventories do not appear in game world, those displayed on character models are produced once, on said models.



I first ran into the bug after saving / loading due to non-music sound cutting out entirely after moving to the second floor of the inn. Upon reload, weapons were appearing onscreen as though being brandished, some distance from a given character - these weapons would move with the character, keeping the same distance. What's strange about this bug is that there doesn't seem to be rhyme or reason as to which items are showing the way they do or why. Both the morning star and the rapier visible in the "Ghost Weapons.jpg" screenshot are not equipped by the characters nor are they in an auxiliary slot, they are sitting in their respective characters' inventory (the rapier in the death godlike's, the morning star in bb priest's).  


Upon returning to the first floor, the heap of inventory items seen in the screenshot appears. In this case, the items appear to be those actually equipped by the characters - you can see the wizard's grimoire as well as the kite shield worn by bb warrior. In addition, the unused inventory items are still appearing, but this time directly underneath the characters who are carrying them. You can see this in "Ghost pile.jpg" (the monk with the stave has no equippable items in her inventory). 


Saving and loading the game seems to reproduce the appearance of the Ghost Pile pic. I've attached my Dxdiag file to this post.




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Indeed! I died for the first time during this beta, (nice I got to see the death screen. Yay!) due too deep wounds (still hate it!) and pathfinding in a crammed space, making my party get locked in by cultists in Dyrford Ruins. Well, they died, to cut the story short.

Funnily enough, the party all begins to rise from the dead in three seconds, before the death screen popped up. It certainly raised some hopes.


However, after death, my party had its weapons and shields from the inventory following them, like little pets!!! And this went on even when I moved in-between areas, like for hours! Wherever I went, my weapons went with me. It's a load game issue, to be sure.

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This happens to me as well.


Something interesting I noted was that when I transitioned to this area, my formation screwed up - and where normally it would be my PC's items on the floor, it actually has the items of the BB Wizard in the center of the area.


So it's possible that it's actually a formation related bug



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