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Animal Companions and Druid Spiritshift- A case for water and arctic-based options.


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This isnt a mechanic thing, but a lore/customization thing. Because this is gonna be subject to opinions Id like to hear yours on this.


Observe the map:







That’s a lot of water. Ocean, rivers and lakes. We can see that coastal settlements are very common.

Observe the Aumaua. An entire player race defined by their affinity with water. The dwarfs and elves who share many arctic regions. Then you have the Moon Godlikes.


Observe the location origins available. The gulf nation of Rauatai, the Deadfire Archipielago, The Living Lands (which are in a large island), the cracked arctic The White that Wends...that’s 4 out of 7 origins and the Aedyr Empire is centered on a tropical equator. These are mostly locations one would assume to have many fauna that had an affinity for water; fish, amphibian, mammal and reptile alike. Then theres the whole Moon mythos and the Tides.


The point is: Many of the cultures are located in places near oceans and large bodies of water.


Druids and Rangers are the classes that deal more with the natural fauna of the world and which have a more tangible representation of this fauna for the player to interact with. Currently it is entirely comprised of forest and plain-based fauna.


For the Druid´s Spiritshift they has these options:

Bear. Boar. Lion. Stag. Wolf.


For the Ranger´s animal companions these are the options:

Antelope. Bear. Boar. Lion. Stag. Wolf.


What I’m saying here is that for a world so filled with water fauna there isnt options that reflect that affinity. An Island Aumaua Druid from the Archipielago Spiritshifting into a huge Aligatorman or Walrusman feels better than the same fishface Druid becoming a Lionman. The Boreal Dwarf Ranger having a Polar Bear or a Moose as a companion would make more sense than him having a Boar or normal Bear (though that’s far more reasonable than the islander having a stag of course).


So, I think it would be pretty neat to have more Animal Companion and Druid Spiritshift options to reflect the world better. These do not need to have new mechanics (though they could), they can simply have the same as the current options only with a visually different portrayal.

An Aligator/Crocodile can have the Bear´s Damage Threshold or the Lion´s Roar.

A Giant Gecko could have the Wolf´s movement speed.

An Iguana could have the Boar´s Might.

You could even have Giant Platypuses. You get the idea I think.


And yeah this may be a low priority thing almost equivalent to "add more portraits", or something for an expansion but Id like to muse about it now and bounce ideas around.

So, what do you guys think?


TL;DR: World has loads of water-based fauna, races and cultures. Would like to see more of it represented/acknowledged in Animal Companion and Druid Spiritshift options since they are more fauna-based.

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I'd like to see more options for spiritshift and animal companions too - reptiles and large birds, like the cassowarie, would be cool.

Unfortunately, modelling and animating them takes time and money, then there's testing.

Josh mentioned the possibility of a cassowarie for the expansion so it looks as if at least the idea of expanding these is open but will have to wait.


Polar-bears are fine but tend to just be a retexturing of the regular bear (Mods could achieve this easily)

I'd rather go for something less common but still cool (crocodillians, plant-based (druid form), cassowarie, Kimodo dragon, or other stuff like that)

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I always wanted durids to be able to shapeshift in to a dragon. Like a full size, takes up all your screen, dragon. Well, maybe in PoE2.

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I always wanted durids to be able to shapeshift in to a dragon. Like a full size, takes up all your screen, dragon. Well, maybe in PoE2.


In NWN, you could.

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