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Ideas for games please steal them please create this

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take pillars online and : (dream on) 

hope you can hide behind a box to escape fire or ice breath for example 
the finesse of micro combat 

hope - 
the jump on the table to swing with more force your adversary, from upper advantage 
to flip that same table 12 seconds after - the action point to have more choice, more actions to decide - simple one but that change all of sudden the whole combat. 

plz make A.I. OP. 

A.I must use the same creativity as a player would do - when a barbarian jump on the table and swings his axe he might kill 1 or 2 bandits but not all of them 5. so then one of the remaining coward grab his feet (using a certain amount of action point in wich you could invest more actions point to ensure the poise - only the bandit leader would spend more point in actions special poise) - the barbarian must make a constitution check OR fall prone on the table - GG  

or the bandit could jump on the table next to the barbarian etc etc make the realistic choice - when you fight in a room, what you do ? make the next 17-18-19-20  weapons roll to disarm certain type of weapon vs certain other type - so player will use creativity and hit the damn bandit with the chair - stabbing the rest of his living soul with the wooden chunk of the chair - all using certain action point in combat. . . you can gain % of an action point when you spend action point that influence negatively the morale of your opponent. but thats very deep. in other word - the bandit chef invest all his point and try to knock you prone on the table BUT you great success the con roll - gain 50% of 1 action point on next turn - 
that 50% give you flush enough action point to jump and kick him straight in the face with both knees. 
Endless solution 
as much you can give us tools to navigate with : 

that would be the MWAH MWAH MWAH Tokyo Paris Milan Chicago 

using rope and hook - that would be a must in combat for thief - for spy - for shortcut - for the sake of being realistic. 

plz, make  the climb, the swim, the carve, the dig, the hide the victim in the hole - the permanence of your action - cut trees over tiiiiiiiiiiiiime - create ambush with the fallen trees - using rope - to attach - to hunt - to trap -  to cage - to forge your way - to create gollems, using any corpses you have at hand - sometimes creating abération - the same occur when you forge steel - materials are LARGE on the spectrum - in any sphere - there's  multi - level - layer of reagent - all multi inter related - not as boring as in wow (or any game actually)- make it inter laced so low lvl reagent are pro when wisely combined with high level mats 

OK you could actually forge a living flesh sword of the aberation king lvl OP but every 6 hours of use, your char go insane in the maelstrom of hate, loosing -1 int PERMA -   super weap FTW make them with their malus, not only bonus imo

make character vomit plz when sick. this is top of list. the lol must be there, plz, make that char must eat, drink, sleep but also TOILET every 20 hours or so that would be nice hahaha so each char are different when that is needed. some dont mind in front of others some are shy and get nervous and loose concentration - action - etc points 

Thats deep, but please , vomit is a must. in the middle of the combat! 


to have a timeline quest action would be OP to cancel the linear : 3 available quest on monday 7pm where ever you are on the map. the closest spawning point of the quest will be available to you after 7:15 pm all quest gone if none taken. very hard to get all 3, voir just 2 is insane pro gaming - calculate with the time generator to create  a unique solo experience 

but meh, online would be way better : a hybrid mmo-capsule 

you need a DM style user friendly tool to create epic capsule 
where the number of monster - traps - and more are upon the creativity of the players: endless. 


combine elementary actions = infinite creativity possible in real time 

next level BD 1-2 ONLINE 

Create for us the ultimate game 

even if you dont 
i'll buy pillars 

it look very nice ! 

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it sounds like you want a F.A.T.A.L. CRPG...


Hopefully this will never happen.

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"Wizards do not need to be The Dudes Who Can AoE Nuke You and Gish and Take as Many Hits as a Fighter and Make all Skills Irrelevant Because Magic."

-Josh Sawyer

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it sounds like you want a F.A.T.A.L. CRPG...


Hopefully this will never happen.

I logged in for the first time since 2012 to like your post.


And to curse you for the nightmares I'll likely have next time I go to sleep.

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ok i checked  F.A.T.A.L. CRPG 

im old school, from UO era but your thing 
WTF MANG ? this is crapozaurus tex mex 

I always hated the type command type of game, like the first Larry or king quest ( ZZzzzZZZzzz)

all my ideas are intend to be put in a BD alike game. When you are in combat, you turn on the selective tool for the actions point and all of the environement that you can interact with  will highlights (depending of what sort of action you are wanting) lets take LEAP all char can leap, its a natural physical function ! so when you are on the floor and you want to leap 2 meters away you must have a certain dex and put more action point in the action. When you are on the table, you LEAP would highlight the table next to the one you stading on and the floor around. If you select the next table to leap on it and no dex is needed for that leap, you 100% success. But if the table is a bit away from a natural leap, you must have a dex roll + certain action point extra to avoid knock prone by the failure of your leap- bashing your head on the corner of the next table cuz too noob, you slipped. dont forget that heavy armor will be hardcore to accomplish such feat. 

natural action list deepness :  


you can swim with armor, every turn you take a str and a con roll or drowning deeper, and deeper until breath is gg 

(how to determine breath  = constition + magical) 
(how to determine natural (naked) swimming speed = str + dex + con + magical etc) 

the more complex the armor, the more slow to remove, the less concentration (drowning) the longer the removal. 


2: climb 

climbing on trees should be easy natural depending on the trees and your capacities. 
You can use tool, like grapnel or kyoketsu shoge (a pro gear designed by ninjas) to facilitate lot of climbing without falling like a derp. 
It<s not about a specific place, a specific time where you can climb, nah, its always. 
every wall in the game, every window ... 

but not in the shape of world of warcraft (3-D) type of game, more like a T.O.E.E or BD 1-2 icewind dale, fallout  - but evolved with a better zoom-in zoom-out and translucide element - BECAUSE the ceiling is also interactive. 

climbing over the edge of the mountain to hide a treasure - in a timeline quest (online only) that the longer you can dissimulate the treasure, the longer you gain power - a hidden treasure game within the game to buff your GUILD. Those treasure would glow and glitter as fawk, they would even ring some sort of alarm when you pass near and that alarm diameter will expand more and more every 6 hours. People will be so creative man to hide it. cuz the first 24 hours after you touched the gem (lets say its only a micro grain of a certain gloom from a certain universe) it fade away  so you can now hide it like a boss with your guildies.

3: carve / cut / bash / destroy 

Every item in life are destructible. Magic is almost not destructible ( in harry potter's world anyway) so 
why the fawk can i break the window ? THE WALL ? online people would use the gear to pierce thru any wall. thats the magic. 
Now you can create ''unreachable'' questing. for the most creative people. the people that dig, that search like mad. <3 

the crazy scientist player will now play 45 days 6 hours 34 minutes in the first dungeon of the game, shaping with utter noob gear he as found in that place. 

all dungeons are multi leveled intended so, a crazy player decided to mine craft a tunnel in dungeon - in a room that he found suspicious 

for a unknown reason 

Heads high, kill dem wit it now
Just mek a bway know you nah blow
Heads high, kill dem wit now
No bway ain't got no secret fi yow

 this wall need the aid of 2 guildies and the magical gear specificly created to pierce that type of material 
so the players dig. they ''destroy'' the wall bit by bit (like in a fawking mindless void game - farmvill etc) 

in that rpg, you can stop the action (anyway your char will sooner or later stop by himself) 
after 1 hour etc etc etc 

some DM would be aware that players are doing cuz our engine is the best. when player start to interact with our environment
that pop a priority check list for the DM 

having sort of communication (like a mentor) in any rpg table game. to be OP the dm can decided to replace the broken wall in the dungeon or not, putting in place a team of goblins that will spawn every 15 mins until the wall is putten back in place, for all o ya, other noob in that dungeon that doesnt know, cuz if my earlier creativity, that there's now a secret hidden room behind this wall 

this secret room wasent there before, but now, it's permanent. this room was created by a DM that was alarmed by a constant bashing on this wall. digging after 6 hours a hole a meter deep in that type of rock. the dm place a room a meter deeper. 

see the trick ? 

i see you come : so now we can BURN THE CITIES !! ?? 

yes. you can. 

but bewar' ol' fellow 

security as no limit, as a MR.SMITH in the matrix, its a pur DM style of security 
you harass the npc, the npc god get real angry ;) 

hahahaha that would be so hillarious 

but , jokes apart, the dm are needed in a lot of sphere. 


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the illness chart would have 3 wings : 
the physical
the mental 
and the magical 

In physical you would have different effects that would influence your char 
vomit is one 
but there's also the itching that lower wis - int - con if the itching is severe 
fever lower con - str - dex but that doesnt really involve any visuals ? well when i'm feverish i walk slower
also it would be OP that the char portrait in the corner changes with his emotions/physical 
you sick, you pale, etc 

mental illness would affect barter cha - wisdom - int 
and as any physical trait, it could become perma 


holy shiet i dig deeper for crpg i tought it was  a game an d found some old crap 
but no, i want a turn based style of game, like baldur's gate, but to the next level 


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You are very creative thats for sure. And are you sure you played the old kings quest games... i dont know why to bash games done in the late 80s or early 90s realy. There was no F***** joystick done for the PC i guess and you had to use your brain to solve puzzles... but thats to much to ask for me thinks....

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^AH ! my gf sayin all the time that i S.D. reincarnation, i say not. even if i have moustache 
that i oil paint since birth 
that i design stories, drawing, tattoos ( i mainly tattoo artist) and i always love to game, since atari cogeco 1980
 a lot of people say im salvador reincarnation but i believe not 

i think the game im talking about will one day exist, that is why i share my ideas with you all 

im francophone so i took a chance and wrote a part of the idea and im glad to see you could understand them 
I feel thankful that you took time to read it lol 

but don't you agree ? that would be the best game 
since its  a turn based, the team could set a timer for the round to pass 
so you x amount of time to decide what you do with your action point 

SO when you DUAL people YOU LOLOLOL putting timer so short cuz you, you know the environment ;) 

get me, this is real 

the future is real 

now the struggle 

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You are very creative thats for sure. And are you sure you played the old kings quest games... i dont know why to bash games done in the late 80s or early 90s realy. There was no F***** joystick done for the PC i guess and you had to use your brain to solve puzzles... but thats to much to ask for me thinks....

your name, baba yaga , was my favorite quest book as a DM when i played dnd 2scd edition, around 20 years ago. 


that quest was very nice, it was intended for level 13(15) to 20, very nice 

then baba yaga in quest for glory !!! AHAHAH 


i always like the baba yaga tale, very nice,


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F.A.T.A.L. was a tabletop RPG system released in 2002. So far as I know it never has had a computer game made with it's rules, nor should there ever be. I'm not really sure where you got the idea about a command prompt type game. I'm assuming English isn't your first language, but as it stands many people are having trouble understanding what you are try to say. Regardless, as PoE has entered beta, there really isn't a lot of major changes that can be made to the game.

"Wizards do not need to be The Dudes Who Can AoE Nuke You and Gish and Take as Many Hits as a Fighter and Make all Skills Irrelevant Because Magic."

-Josh Sawyer

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I feel anything I write will be cynical and snarky.


OP would make a good designer if given some mentoring, though.

But he's failing the engrish check. That option's not open to him.

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