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run/walk option?

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Need a speed between scout and running speed.

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consider the movement speed of your opponents though. In BG you couldn't run so your opponents couldn't as well. And it was tedious going from one corner to the opposite corner of the map of an explored area. I saw videos of PoE where the party was running in crazy fast speed but then also running like a slow paced jogger would. I think the devs are finetuning the run speed so it works for areas already explored and also areas you are about to explore so that you don't 'run' into the enemy (though i assume an 'autopause on enemy-sight' will be in the game). I like the devs' decision to slow things down in battle so it doesn't get messy but stays tactical.

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Yep theres quite a few speeds.

theres normal speed.

theres slow speed by pressing S

theres runnimg from the cops speed by pressing D

theres reg stealth speed

theres tip toeing speed while stealthing by pressing S

Theres "omg im about to get busted!" speed while stealthing by pressing D

or the "im not moving because i didnt click to move" speed


I think i covered all the speeds

Then theres the "world has stopped" speed by pressing spacebar

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I haven't played the beta, but want to go on record.  I like being able to control my characters' speed.  Sprinting like a group of escaped maniacs everywhere is irritating.  It feels wrong in town, especially indoors, and it also ruins the atmosphere in spooky dungeons and so forth.  I hope that 'stealth mode' or whatever doubles as a reasonable walking speed.


Apropos of nothing, Wasteland 2 had a bit of a flap about this and it was ultimately decided to put a walk toggle in.  It does nothing but slow the characters down.  I for one am quite happy about that :)

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i was never bothered by roaming Baldurs gate 2 with the boots of speed, whether that was in an inn or dungeon, awkward as it might have looked like. Every time i got a new pair of those for one of my party members i was delighted and never put them down :w00t:

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