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  1. I want walking too not everywhere running like a little boy...Very annoying
  2. Are you still reset the statistics companions during the rotation of the team What I mean is that when we remove a companion, and then again join forces in recruiting him, his achievements to reset statistics
  3. I was also pissed off that like enter into the house is automatically follow me the rest of the team. This makes it very difficult explorations of the city
  4. It Should be an experience of defated enemies because is it basic element of cult role-playling games No experience as enemies the game will not encourage a thorough exploration of the area
  5. In bea version game not have many nice armors. Most armors looks good in female hero but in male hero only 1 looks good [barbarian start armor] I hope that the final version will be a lot of cool unique looking armor
  6. Base walk is too slow and stealh circle is very frustrating Walking is very important for climate RPG and I hope that I will not must run like a child inside buildings
  7. Another sugestion -The ability to export a hero like in "Baldur's Gate" -Experience for slain enemies, no possibility of gaining XP a shot in the knee and euncorages the avoidance of enemies.
  8. Recently I played in nev Divinity really enjoyed there the possibility of separating the teams. For Example, that two heroes comes out of the house and few others stay in the city. Pillars so you can not and it is a bit annoyig. When walking displays me some strange circles around there characters and NPCs This is very Bothered because I think that spoils the atmosphere of the game, because I like to walki around town/ inn and not run everywhere like a child In the final Version could use more faces, heads and hairs while creating new hero, because as of now is not that much.
  9. -Recently I Played in "Divinity Original Sin" really enjoyed there the possibility of separating the teams. For example, that the two heroes comes ous to the house and a few others remain in the city. The Pillars of Eternity so you can not it is a bit annoying. -When walking displays me some strange circles around the characters and NPCs. This is very bothered because I think that spoils the atmosphere of the game, because I like to walk around town / inn and not run around everywhere like a child -In the final version could use more of the face, head and hair while creating a hero because as of now it is not that much -More orginal/specyfic armor models
  10. Hi this is my first post. I completed PoE Becker Beta and this project have many many many bugs compared to Wasteland 2 update beta 51166. Bugs -weapons that I bought in the store or found after loading the game disappear -One of the priestly spells instead help me killed three members of my team. That's not all then got up and fell down, and so all the time -After the battle often one of my characters continue beating. -Window character stats is bugged -Level UP is bugged many many crash and black screen. -Often, I do not see weapons which I assume -Optimizing the game is rubbish compared to the Wasteland 2. Wasteland 2beta in my comp 2120 i3 [4gb ram] have 30 fps medium resolution and details. Pillars of Eternity have 8-12 fps in my comp - I do not know why, maybe because you can not adjust graphics options.
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