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Day/Night cycle ideas?


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This may or may not be easy to implement in its entirety, but it would be nice to have a game where merchants aren't open 24/7 and where people go to sleep, etc... So for some specifics, taking Dyrford as an example, using an 8AM to 8PM day.


NPC schedules

* Winfrith - Spends the night inside the Dracogen Inn, drinking and talking with Sid, tells you to come to his shop in the morning if you want to do business

* Rumbald - Sleeps in his home (bit sad that you can't get inside his home at the moment however)

* Hendyna - Sleeps in her house

* Lord Harond - Asleep in his room, with guard(s) outside, breaking-in triggers combat unless you have news of Harond's daughter, or are very stealthy.

* Dengler - Replaced by his son, <Name>

* Celby - At Temple of Bereath 24/7

* Sid - There 24/7, cursed with insomnia

* Medreth & Company - There 24/7, always scheming, shouting at his company that they can't let their guards down otherwise their mark will slip away

* Trygil - There 24/7, always scheming with his assistant, unless it's easy to make him sleep in his quarters without breaking questlines


Plus some general lock/unlock logic

* Occupied homes should be unlocked during the day.

*Unoccupied homes and should be locked during the day.

*Sleeped in homes should be locked during the night.

*Shops should be closed and locked at night.

*Locations like the Mill should also be vacated and locked at night.


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It may be too much trouble to add at the last minute. But if characters are going to stand at their shop counter for 24 hours a day, I'm not sure what the point is of having a day/night cycle at all.


It's not a big deal, but it actually sort of breaks immersion to leave town at noon, passing by two farmers hanging out by the bridge, and then return at midnight to find them still loitering in the exact same spot. Don't farmers have to get up early?

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^You mean you just passed by the farmers whose feet were stuck in the mud, twice, and didn't rescue them?  How heartless (plus you missed 25xp) :lol:


It'd be good if there were some schedules - even just like TOEE where they'd go in their house but still be awake (and sometimes ask you to come back at a better time)


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