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Some UI improvements (and a small bug)


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Some UI issues I have :


It took me long minutes of searching to finally find the F option for the Party Formation modification menu! Would it be possible to add right click on the Formation button to open this menu? 

Also can the 4 formation sub-buttons show a representation of the actual formation it correspond to? rather than always 6 in 2*3?


Right Click for help is nice, but there is no ok/close button on the information panel that appears. Could be ok if the right click again on the panel would close it too. For the moment the best option is Esc Key but that requires 2 hands to just learn some stuff about the items.


Grimoire: This one is hard ;-) It looks like a book so can a click on the right or left side show the spells one lever higher or lower? Also the right click on the right page "In grimoire" always says BB Wizard already know this spell. Totally unnecessary. I would much prefer the right click to do nothing or better show the help also. To remove a spell from the grimoire you need to left-clik, that could be explained by a tool tip if you stay hovering on a icon on this page.


Last thing that I can reproduce each time. This is a newly created game with a ranger, no save, no nothing. Just going in front of the church and playing with the wizard grimoire. So right click wizard portrait to get inventory, right-click grimoire, some click and right-click on spells and then Esc to close the grimoire. The Wizard moves exactly under its portrait at the same spot I have done the right-click to open the portrait. As if the right-click was valid both for opening the Inventory and deciding a moving location.


Sorry I do not know how to make a small video of this.




And now back to play as this is my last post before approvals....


I will play with a wizard to check if the grimoire information is dependent on my wizard skills.

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Formations doesn't work as intended. Screen attached. If it's a cross formation, then I'm a donkey, not a hamster :3


No to experimentation!

No to fixing that is not broken!

No to changes for the sake of change!

Do not forget basis of Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale and Planescape Torment. Just put all your effort to story, fine-tuning and quality control.

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The formations a wee bit off...


This is the formation I set on the left and what I got on the right.



That's how I modified the formation in order to get what I originally wanted.



Minor issue that can be fixed later



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