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Which new games will you be playing soon?

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One week until I get to shovelin' 




/rubs hands together

Tnx for reminding me. Installing right now. 8) 8)


They stealthily released it yesterday evening.  I played it.  It's awesome.  


As an aside, I pulled the trigger on a Wii U today.  I'll soon be playing some New Super Mario Bros. U, Super Luigi U, and Mario Kart 8.  Later in the year, Bayonetta 1 & 2 and Captain Toad: Treasure Hunter


🇺🇸RFK Jr 2024🇺🇸

"Any organization created out of fear must create fear to survive." - Bill Hicks

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Now Original Sin is out, just waiting for Dragon Age: Inquisition, PoE (obviously), Wasteland 2 full, Dreamfall and Torment, but that's been pushed back to 2015 I think?

You read my post.


You have been eaten by a grue.

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