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Conversation lightweight UI mockup

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Hi all,

I just made a quick mockup for conversations UI since I think it's time to move on from panel interfaces to something more lightweight. Notes below.




1. Mockup doesn't show how it actaully should look like (there could be some nice frame around window, icons are just symbolic etc.).


2. Every dialog entry contains portrait of character who spoke/acted provided it is available. I believe it's definitely better than Obsidian's initial concept (no offence  :-) ), because it allows to have more portraits when player is engaged in conversation with multiple (N)PCs.


3. By standard behaviour dialog window appears nearby characters on map, but you can drag it (by clicking wherever within it where is not located some active zone - button, dialog option etc.) and move freely around.


4. At the bottom there are two options - dock window to bottom so it will be like standard pane - this option should be remembered for future conversation unless a player sets it back. Second is ability to resize window.


5. Background is transparent, however text has shadow for better readability.



It's just a modest concept, so no need to take it too seriously. Let me know what you think though :-).

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Things I like about it:

- the inclusion of the NPC portraits staying on the 'log'

- The slightly transparent background looks nice.

Things I don't like about it: - the location (though I like that you include an option to dock it where you want it)

- The fact that it's detached from the style suggested in the official update

- call me crazy but I like the wood finish.

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A dockable resizeable conversation window makes sense for multiplayer games where you will have conversations while doing other things. It doesn't really make sense in a single player game where you can't really do much else while having a conversations.


At the same you don't want the conversation window to block the screen.

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Yeah would have warned you before posting, even if you somehow based this on obsidians designs (which they haven't shown for conversation ui yet have they?), the vast majority of this forum is going to hate whatever your mockup is no matter what.  It isn't a great mockup per se because it is so basic and rough.  I get where you are going with it.... but I do still think the conversation window in the game should be on the bottom of the screen.  That said I wouldn't worry about portraits, everyone seems to want that and I would be surprised if they don't work it in somehow, even if it is slightly redundant.

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