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So I don't know about everyone else, but I was extremely let down this week when the game really didn't drop. I thought it was insane to be accusing Trey, Matt, and the people at Ubisoft of potentially ripping people off for a rather expensive game. I found out I was dreadfully wrong. 


I went over to my local game store and checked on my order March 4th. It had been moved from March 5th to December 2013. This led me to some questions. The obvious is the game ever coming out, but really who knows. Although in the world of software this is pretty normal, it really isn't in the world of pre-ordered games. Ever. I had actually lifted a rule I placed wayyyy back when 'kingdom hearts 2' was released and I was let down by the pre-order, not the game in itself though, to NEVER pre-order again just for this game. Needless to say I am absolutely kicking myself over the decision. My money I could spend on other things is tied up, I have no idea if this game is ever going to be released ever, oh and I SCHEDULED SURGERY AROUND THIS. Yea literally, so I had something to do during recovery. I am not mad at Trey and Matt right now because they let it be known they didn't want this sale to happen, but if the rumors are true I will not have a nice word to say about the lot for a LONG time.


So my questions:


1.) When is the release date Ubisoft? No date, no product in my mind after 2 failed releases.


2.) Is this really being postponed to Dec 2013 like I was told, and if so is that because you want to have it offered on ps4? If so I say that is terrible what you are doing to the community.


3.) Will people that pre-ordered and have every intention of having the new system be able to change their order for their new system at no cost to them (since you are stealing my time already...)


4.) Is this really just Matt and Trey hurting the fans because of some payment issues? Although I agree they deserve to be paid what they were promised if that is why the release is in limbo at best (possibly gone forever, let's be honest) then they really owed more to US the fans that turned them from nobodies to superstars.


Although I doubt any of these questions will be answered I want to know. I think the fans deserve the truth, especially since our money is backing this release. 

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THQ already postponed the release from March 5th to Q2 2013 (meaning it would have been released somewhere between April 1st - June 30th) in 2012 before they went bankrupt so the game being delayed should not have been surprise anyways.

That being said, I'll try to answer your questions. I do not represent Obsidian, Ubisoft or South Park Studios so don't take my word as an official statement. I'm just a regular guy who stalks these forums.

1) You should ask this question in Ubisoft's forums. I doubt you'll get answers on the actual release date but you have better chance there than on Obsidian's forums.

2) "We can't comment (Ubi would need to) but generally you'll see Dec 31 dates for games when the exact date isn't yet settled/known." https://twitter.com/Obsidian/status/306152546161012736. It being delayed so it can be offered on PS4, we do not know but I myself doubt it.

3) I think this depends on the store where you pre-ordered it. But I am curious about them stealing your time already...?

4) What payment issues? The reason it is being delayed (and this is hearsay) is because Ubisoft wants one of their internal studios to take a look at it before it's released. It was shortly discussed in here.

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The truth about pre-ordering from a store is that unless the publisher has announced a release date, the store is blatantly guessing.


The store clerks have no idea what's going on, and their executives are essentially pulling out a dart board and using it to predict launch dates. Why? It drives up pre-orders, which means more money to the store immediately. Until the publisher announces an actual date, ALWAYS take a stated launch date with a grain of salt.


To your actual questions:


1.) Games are almost always "When It's Ready". THQ's collapse only made the issue worse, as an auction had to be arranged for the publishing rights, they had to be transferred, and all the issues in changing publisher then needed to be straightened out.


2.) Again, more or less BS from the game store execs and their dartboard. Ubisoft will want this out relatively fast; they spent a fair bit of money on the game and won't see any back until published. As for wanting it to be next-gen, I think it's too late in development to justify the switch-over.


3.) That's the game store here, not Obsidian or Ubisoft. If it is confirmed to be next-gen, which I find doubtful, you can probably swap over. If the game store refuses to swap it over, demand a refund and take your business elsewhere. So long as it's the same store you made the pre-order at and you have the receipt, they will have to refund you.


4.) The claimed money issues lie with THQ, not Ubisoft or Obsidian. They declared their objections satisfied at the auction, so the transfer has gone through. It's Ubisoft that's holding up the publishing.

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@Apatia: Stealing my time is quite simple, as stated I literally scheduled a surgery so I had something to do during downtime (I am a person that hates being stuck in bed, the house, anything like that). Fact is my money is being held up with this and my cancer related surgery is Wednesday. There isn't another game I want and I can't be rescheduling for April to June who really knows when. Now I have 30 days of recovery and no plan for it. It makes time stealing that simple. They promised me something, they took money for a product, now it isn't being released. I have heard of games like LoL having set backs and not releasing on time, but they didn't accept money for nothing. Everyone I know keeps asking me if it is ever coming out, as it has missed 2 release dates. I have read everything said here, I am pretty up to date on my video game faqs before I type, I stalk the game news like I guess you stalk these forums, there's a lot of hear say flying around. I think they need to make official statements and soon. They can't ask for nearly 70 bux of my hard earned money and then give me nothing, and with surgery scheduled next week I could care less about the reason. Yes in my book that is stealing my money.


Btw my mother works in computer software I was with a video game designer for a high profile company for nearly four years. I know how the software game goes, and in video games you don't take pre orders until there is a product to ship as far as I have ever seen.

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Just go get a refund. Since you havent taken delivery of the product, they will have no problem giving you the refund. The game ISNT coming out in dec 31 2013, thats just a placeholder date by the gamestore since they have NO idea when its actually releasing.(gamestop and others do this a lot)


As you can see, the delay was announced back in Nov, BEFORE there was the THQ firesale. http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/gaming/news/a435925/south-park-metro-last-light-delayed-by-thq.html


And what exactly do you mean, that they are "stealing" your time?

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Just be glad you didn't pre-order Duke Nukem Forver previous millenium... 0_o

It's also one of the reasons why I don't really pre-order mostly.


But yeah, delays are common, so nothing to freak about yet in regards to your pre-order. As for turning it to another system, I seriously doubt that's doable so late in the development stage unless the publisher and developer are insanely crazy.




I agree that that is such a stupid idiotic pathetic garbage hateful retarded scumbag evil satanic nazi like term ever created. At least top 5.


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I Question the April release date as nothing offical has been announced and most games come out on a Tuesday. However if true about damn time. Even if it does suck massive balls as I will be very busy with defiance at that point. I personally would just love some offical word. I am sick of hersay dates and "supposed" reasons for this lawsuit between SPS and UBisoft over this game. I would ove some real actual factual info. No one is giving me that, which is my way of saying I understand your pain. But I feel stealing time and money is a bit much. If you ask me the money isnt really tied up either. Yes you dont have a game but had the game released you still wouldnt have the money. You simply paid for a game that hasnt released yet. Also as a Mass Effect fan I am used to "OOPS four more months" news a month before release. Your right all of this sucks and is worry some. However 3.2 million is a lot to pay to dive bomb a game project.  At latest it will be out sometime this june. Personally I hope for all the waiting we get to go online multiplayer and not just console co-op. More then likely however its just delayed for the lawsuit, licenseing, and shoving their pos dmr into the game.

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I thought it's postponed later this year though

Yeah after making my prior post I had found some articles saying the same. However all of that is speculative maybe later this year maybe this Dec, maybe March 2014. The simple fact is till Ubi says otherwise this game is going no where. Personally I am canceling my preorder and moving it over to Defiance. If I  re order the game it will be when it has a date.

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I think it's an over-reaction to say a delayed release for the PS4 is letting down the 'community'. You say that like you've invested in it, but you aren't thinking like an investor. We the community have to be flexible and accept that being part of PS4 will help sales and help 'our' devs.

"It wasn't lies. It was just... bull****"."

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