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  1. You will be happy to know, that the game WILL be coming out on the PC.
  2. Just go get a refund. Since you havent taken delivery of the product, they will have no problem giving you the refund. The game ISNT coming out in dec 31 2013, thats just a placeholder date by the gamestore since they have NO idea when its actually releasing.(gamestop and others do this a lot) As you can see, the delay was announced back in Nov, BEFORE there was the THQ firesale. http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/gaming/news/a435925/south-park-metro-last-light-delayed-by-thq.html And what exactly do you mean, that they are "stealing" your time?
  3. Is it wrong, that I am horribly envious of them? Im happy they enjoyed it. But Im dying for some info(videos, previews, something) about the game to come out, for us to enjoy. Or am I just being to greedy?
  4. The Microsoft Press Confrence was ****ing terrible! One of the only things that stood out was South Park w/ Matt and Trey being on stage for a minute. Cant wait to pick it up next year.
  5. I cant wait till the game comes out either!!! I hope we dont have to wait till summer to get some more updates.
  6. My fav episode, probably because of the "inspirational" ending. lol The Losing Edge
  7. YAY!!! Our very own forum. I hope we get some Devs every now and then.
  8. The production seems to be more modular than usual, to facilitate Parker and Stones production style.
  9. They expected release is sometime in 2012 right? Any word on what part of the year they are aiming for?
  10. I thought he just sang the song, pretty sure Shaft was Roundtree. Yup... I got carried away. lol What pissed Isaac Hayes, Tom Cruise and all of Scientology off. How South Park responded to Isaac Hayes leaving the show. What I found funny is that the commercial thats playing right now is Mission Impossible 3. LMAO!
  11. Game Informer expanded their exclusive coverage of SP:RPG earlier this week, with info on combat and factions. (ive really become a fan of game informer exclusives that they create "hubs" for, their Skyrim coverage early this year was great... here is the link to the SP:RPG hub page http://www.gameinformer.com/p/southpark.aspx) Combat Factions Classes: Fighter Mage Thief Cleric and... Jew. LOL The combat seems to be paper mario(timed inputs) with a dash of final fantasy 7. Im guessing the FF7 dash, is summoning. Tons of child violence.(the exact opposite of modern Fallout & Elder Scrolls) Super Bosses, like the Emerald and Ruby Weapons in FF7. (COOL!!!) Unskippable long cut-scenes... on purpose. lol All this SP nonsense sounds so freaking awesome. I am very excited to play this offensive, child abusing, inappropriate game.
  12. Yeah Issac Hayes had absolutely no problem making fun of Christian Jews Muslims Mormons Cripples Retards Gays Celebrities Politicians... But Lord Xeno forbid someone saying anything negative about Scientology. LMAO What a stupid hypocrite. Who knew Shaft was so thin skinned.
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