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Small suggestions. Easily implemented ideas, quickfire thoughts.

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I had a thought that semi-randomized companion attributes set at the beginning of the game would make them a little less predictable. For example, give them a set of minimal base stats then add in a fixed amount of additional points spread randomly amongst the attributes. Give them a pool of starting talents then randomly choose among them. Vary some of their starting equipment a little and change up some of their initial spells.


Setting these parameters at the start of the game would make it difficult to select for by restarting.

I think it's a great idea to vary classes too, on hardcore difficulty. Basically, it disables calculated powerplay. You won't know what type of party you could put together until you have met all the companion characters.

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I had an idea for an easter egg: gaining a bonus talent for specific challenge builds.


If you take on a party of adventurers that all qualify for a particular challenge, then your party members gain a special bonus talent while the party makeup remains intact.


For example, suppose you have a party made entirely of elves and elven godlikes that all have at least a point in the Survival skill and support a 'protect the wilds'-type faction. While you remain favored by that faction and don't add an incompatible party member, your party gains a magical 'Nature's Child' talent that provides a bonus to your Ref/Will saves in natural areas.

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"It has just been discovered that research causes cancer in rats."

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