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Reputation; The Famous One vs The Shaded One

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I really should read ALL posts before commenting. :)

I think you'll be forgiven for threads that have more than 3 pages, but otherwise, yes.

Remember: Argue the point, not the person. Remain polite and constructive. Friendly forums have friendly debate. There's no shame in being wrong. If you don't have something to add, don't post for the sake of it. And don't be afraid to post thoughts you are uncertain about, that's what discussion is for.
Pet threads, everyone has them. I love imagining Gods, Monsters, Factions and Weapons.

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Well, I like (as I've argued a while back in another thread) the idea of having solo-gather information quests, where party members can play to their strengths. (The warrior infiltrating the guard, the rogue sneaking into the shadier parts of town to talk with the local crime syndicate, the bard getting drunk with people in an inn, the wizard searching an academy library. each can find a different piece of information which could help with the next party mission. This way individual failures aren't disastrous, just gives you less of a full picture.)


I would love a function like this:

* Burglary Skill, send your designated Thief (Wizard/Rogue/Cipher/Fighter or whatever) out in a City for a duration of time to steal homes etc. etc. Can get caught, sent to jail and you can bail him/her out or break him/her out.


Sounds like some of those you presented there could work similarly as well.


Having mixed reputations can bring mixed results, but generally If the city guard knows you did them some favours in the past, they won't suspect those who travel with you when they've worked for the thieves. Hell, maybe they'll ask you to investigate one of your own crimes. :) that could make for interesting choices.

I also think that eventually the further you go in one faction or another, that should close some doors elsewhere.


Right! I was supposed to say something here... right! Could the "Thief" be wanted enough to have posters? Then it gets a bit difficult... can items remove "Heat"? Make a character go "incognito" or something in some areas? You might have to sacrifice that awesome Helmet for the duration of your stay in the area and equip a hood to conceal the face of the character.


^Is that even anything that's desirable? Can I "Hide" a character in equipment?


As for party-member conflict. I don't know, they're not exactly my strength, I generally try to please everyone and thus fail to please anyone.


Try to please yourself before pleasing anyone else. If you are not smiling, then there's a greater chance that no one else is going to~ just generally speaking.


"Put on the life jacket on yourself before putting it on your child"

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