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Sound Sets  

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  1. 1. Do you like Sound Sets?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. How?

    • Baldur's Gate (22 .wav files)
    • Baldur's Gate 2 (37 .wav files)
    • Icewind Dale (40 .wav files)
    • Other? More/Less?
    • If Yes/No: "Turn it off/adjust it how often Sounds are Triggered"
    • If No: "Only text"

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At Chosen of Mystra they've got a guide on how to make a sound set (It is very easy, I made 2 in a weekend, I'll have to redo some, probably in the coming week for BGEE). I don't know how many sound files there was for Planescape: Torment but there is quite a few.


Inspired by this thread ("Dialog mostly voiced?").


Making a double post/second post on what I'm voting.


Baldur's Gate 1


XXXXXXXa.wav : Battle Cry

XXXXXXXb.wav : Becoming Leader

XXXXXXXc.wav : Tired

XXXXXXXd.wav : Bored

XXXXXXXe.wav : Badly Wounded

XXXXXXXf.wav : Selected 1

XXXXXXXg.wav : Selected 2

XXXXXXXh.wav : Selected 3

XXXXXXXi.wav : Action Acknowledgement 1

XXXXXXXj.wav : Action Acknowledgement 2

XXXXXXXk.wav : Action Acknowledgement 3

XXXXXXXl.wav : Being Hit

XXXXXXXm.wav : Dying

XXXXXXXn.wav : In Forest

XXXXXXXo.wav : In City

XXXXXXXp.wav : In Dungeon

XXXXXXXq.wav : Daytime

XXXXXXXr.wav : Nighttime

XXXXXXXs.wav : Rare Selected 1

XXXXXXXt.wav : Rare Selected 2

XXXXXXXu.wav : Rare Selected 3

XXXXXXXv.wav : Rare Selected 4

XXXXXXXw.wav : Reaction to Party Member Death


Baldur's Gate 2


XXXXXXXa.wav Battle Cry 1(e.g. "Go for the Eyes!" "Booyah!")

XXXXXXXb.wav Becoming Leader(e.g. "I am the best choice" "Swords for everyone!")

XXXXXXXc.wav Tired(e.g. "About time for a rest" ")

XXXXXXXd.wav Bored(e.g. "Could we be lazy a little faster?")

XXXXXXXe.wav Badly Wounded(e.g. "Little help here!")

XXXXXXXf.wav Selected 1(e.g. "Heya" "Heya" "Heya")

XXXXXXXg.wav Selected 2

XXXXXXXh.wav Selected 3

XXXXXXXi.wav Action Acknowledgement 1(e.g. "I'm on it")

XXXXXXXj.wav Action Acknowledgement 2

XXXXXXXk.wav Action Acknowledgement 3

XXXXXXXl.wav Being Hit(e.g. "OW!" "Crikey!")

XXXXXXXm.wav Dying(e.g. "I'm ok...*thud*")

XXXXXXXn.wav In Forest(e.g. "Lets hug a tree")

XXXXXXXo.wav In City(e.g. "Where's the bar?")

XXXXXXXp.wav In Dungeon(e.g. "Careful not to step in any")

XXXXXXXq.wav Daytime(e.g. "The sun shines another day")

XXXXXXXr.wav Nighttime(e.g. "Ahh, nighttime")

XXXXXXXs.wav Action Acknowledgement 4

XXXXXXXt.wav Action Acknowledgement 5

XXXXXXXu.wav Action Acknowledgement 6

XXXXXXXv.wav Action Acknowledgement 7

XXXXXXXw.wav Reaction to Party Member Death(e.g. "Better you then me!!")

XXXXXXXx.wav Rare Select 1(e.g. "So I kicked him in the head till he was dead")

XXXXXXXy.wav Rare Select 2

XXXXXXXz.wav Critical Hit Given(e.g. "Take that!")

XXXXXXX1.wav Critical Miss(e.g. "Hold Still!")

XXXXXXX2.wav Target Immune(e.g. "My weapon has no effect?")

XXXXXXX3.wav Inventory Full(e.g. "That is on the ground")

XXXXXXX4.wav Successfully Picked A Pocket(e.g. "Success")

XXXXXXX5.wav Successfully Hid In Shadows(e.g. "Hey guys, CAN YOU SEE ME NOW!?")

XXXXXXX6.wav Spell Disrupted(e.g. "I've lost my spell")

XXXXXXX7.wav Set A Trap(e.g. "Hey, I set a trap!")

XXXXXXX8.wav Battle Cry 2

XXXXXXX9.wav Battle Cry 3

XXXXXXX0.wav Selected 6

XXXXXXX_.wav Action Acknowledgement 8


Icewind Dale


xxxxx01 Morale Failure 1

xxxxx02 Morale Failure 2

xxxxx03 Battle Cry 1

xxxxx04 Battle Cry 2

xxxxx05 Battle Cry 3

xxxxx06 Battle Cry 4

xxxxx07 Battle Cry 5

xxxxx08 Becoming Leader 1

xxxxx09 Becoming Leader 2

xxxxx10 Tired 1

xxxxx11 Tired 2

xxxxx12 Bored 1

xxxxx13 Bored 2

xxxxx14 Hurt 1

xxxxx15 Hurt 2

xxxxx16 Selected Common 1

xxxxx17 Selected Common 2

xxxxx18 Selected Common 3

xxxxx19 Selected Common 4

xxxxx20 Selected Common 5

xxxxx21 Selected Common 6

xxxxx22 Selected Common 7

xxxxx23 Selected Action 1

xxxxx24 Selected Action 2

xxxxx25 Selected Action 3

xxxxx26 Selected Action 4

xxxxx27 Selected Action 5

xxxxx28 Selected Action 6

xxxxx29 Selected Action 7

xxxxx30 Selected Rare 1

xxxxx31 Selected Rare 2

xxxxx32 Selected Rare 3

xxxxx33 Selected Rare 4

xxxxx34 Being Hit 1

xxxxx35 Being Hit 2

xxxxx36 Being Hit 3

xxxxx37 Dying 1

xxxxx38 Dying 2

xxxxx39 Reaction to Party Member Dying 1

xxxxx40 Reaction to Party Member Dying 1


Don't forget to tell if the Poll is bad (with suggestions/feedback) so I can make it better before Edit time runs out!

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I vote "Yes" and then I vote on everything in the second poll.


The only one I want to address is "Other", and in my opinion it could be 12 Sound Sets for simplicity:


Broken down Baldur's Gate 1


XXXXXXXa.wav : Battle Cry

XXXXXXXb.wav : Becoming Leader

XXXXXXXc.wav : Tired/Tired

XXXXXXXd.wav : Badly Wounded

XXXXXXXe.wav : Selected 1

XXXXXXXf.wav : Selected 2

XXXXXXXg.wav : Action Acknowledgement

XXXXXXXh.wav : Being Hit

XXXXXXXi.wav : Dying

XXXXXXXj.wav : In "Area"

XXXXXXXk.wav : Time (Day/Night)

XXXXXXXl.wav : Reaction to Party Member Death


I'm ambivalent.

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I voted for IWD 2, because it's pretty much is the only game with memorable VOs. In BG they were pretty bland (except for a couple of female sets and the astonishingly good "let's do this quick and painful" male one from BG2) and NWN doesn't even merit recollection. I hated every single one of those, since they almost screamed archetypical and boring in my face.

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well in NWN2 had some good ones... like the psycho male

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I like the idea of soundsets....


But I don't like hardly any soundsets. Three that come to mind are Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter's two male soundsets, "Gods grant me strength", and "You'll sleep with the dead."; and one of the female ones: "Let's spill some blood." As mentioned above, Baldur's Gate 2's "Let's do this quick and painful" was also good. Otherwise, I can't recall a single good soundset from any other game. And, as also said above, certainly none from NWN. I always played with "none", because I couldn't really stand any of them.


Ideally, yes, I'd like to have good soundsets. Failing that, and we're stuck with bad ones, I might just repurpose the repurposed IWD:HOW for IWD2 that I repurposed for BG2 (wat) for P:E.


As for what type...I think BG2's is the most diverse.


(edit) Also, definitely yes in regards to being able to limit when you hear them, (a la the Infinity Engine games).

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"None" should totally be an option for the main character! In Baldur's Gate, specifically, I kind of wanted a silent hero, the only way to get this is to put "Never" on all of the options regarding "Sound Feedback", but that turns off all of your companions sound set as well.


Realizing now that I forgot to add that into the poll as a 3rd Question:


1. * Companions has sound sets, main character has none

2. * Companions has sound sets, main character can be modded/fan-made

3. * Sound sets for all

4. * Sound sets for none


I'd vote for 2 in this case.

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Regarding the power of the silent hero:


When playing "Dragon Age: Origins" I was thinking "Wouldn't it be cool with the protagonist being able to talk!?" obviously Bioware felt the same thing (Looking at you, DA2 and ME... the Witcher as well). And I was VERY hyped about DA2 having full voice acting, now today with some hindsight I can say I enjoy Dragon Age: Origins more because it is a silent hero.


If any Biowarian employees lurking about these forums, learn from this in DA3.

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The only opinion I have is that we should be able to use the `High-Strung Evangelist` soundset from NWN.


`Attack, AAH SAAAAY, Attack!`


Also, the difference between how each game does soundsets confuses and eludes my tiny technophobic brain.

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I generally find them to be a bit annoying; they rarely sound the way I imagine my character sounding, and they usually force my character to periodically yell out stupid things that I definitely do not want my character saying. But they're pretty easy to ignore. If I can't tune them out, I can pretend that some passing lunatic got excited by our battle and shouted some inane stuff at us as he ran by just off screen. So, while I've never understood why anyone would go to the trouble of making sound sets for the PC, I don't really have a strong opinion on the issue.

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As long as the PC doesn't say something each and every ****ing time you tell him/her to go somewhere or do something. Gets really annoying after a while.

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