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What is your favorite natural enviroment in games?

What is your favorite natural enviroment?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite natural enviroment(s)?

  2. 2. What natural enviroment(s) you dont like in games?

    • Snowy mountains/Icebergs
    • Rocky barren/dry mountains
    • Northern conifer forests
    • Southern deciduous forests
    • Jungles
    • Rocky barren
    • Deserts
    • Tropic Islands
    • Tundra/Taiga
    • Swamps

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Snowy mountains/Icebergs.. simply love the "Icewind Dale" setting.

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"O, the life of the Druid is the life of the land.

We are one with the dark earth on which we proudly stand.

One with the Mother who has suckled us from birth,

Her streams and her rivers, we are one with the earth;

One with the Father, whose oak supports the sky,

Who gazes on us daily with his great, immortal Eye..."

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Give us a few Swiss countrysides, alpine and certain valleys. First two pictures are the Val de Travers.














And this is the Lauterbrunnental which was, as far as I know, the major influence for Tolkien in creating Rivendell.




Personally, I can't remember a game that had landscapes like this.

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Remember: Argue the point, not the person. Remain polite and constructive. Friendly forums have friendly debate. There's no shame in being wrong. If you don't have something to add, don't post for the sake of it. And don't be afraid to post thoughts you are uncertain about, that's what discussion is for.
Pet threads, everyone has them. I love imagining Gods, Monsters, Factions and Weapons.

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