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  1. This is something I don't understand either. This game has no lack of dark content. Yet an optional text on a wall in a relatively obscure area is the only thing that was found to be offensive?
  2. I have this issue. I tried to do a complete restart, but the quests failed to even appear in my journal.
  3. Very rarely if ever have I ever managed to get a Captcha to work the first time or even the third time.
  4. I am currently re reading frank Herbert's Dune, the book just seems to get better and better as I get older. Also I need to get into Mistborn. I've had it sat on my desk for months now without really picking it up.
  5. Pathfinder Online seems to be making it's money. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1675907842/pathfinder-online-a-fantasy-sandbox-mmo/
  6. Well as for the "Souls" part I had. "Eternal Souls" "Souls of Eternity" Sadly "Soul Edge" is taken. I can come up with more "Eternity" titles then i can "Souls", Like "The Edge of Eternity"
  7. What about... "End of Eternity" "Souls of Eternity" "Eternity's Gate" "Eternal Souls"
  8. Players have to have some other means of regaining lost health other than resting. I would even take a healing spell that inflicts negative stats as a trade off instead of coming to the boss door and being forced to turn back because my party has low health but instead of using the last of my potions and spells to help me push through and worry about restocking on the other side I have to run back and rest then come back again. But if the player can rest anywhere then it can go all NWN 2 in which I can nuke and room then drop on one knee for 5 seconds, nuke a room rest and repeat.
  9. Here is an interesting question I have always wondered yet never really had the time to research and answer so forgive my ignorance. Why does Israel even allow Palestine to continue to exist ?. Why haven't they brought their foot down like they always say they will when these conflicts arise and send the last Palestinians running to the border instead of consigning Palestine to the slow death of being encircled and crushed...what stays their hand ?.
  10. It's a shame since there could have been a twist to it in that Elves and humans have difficulty in conceiving a child and very few are brought to term making it generally taboo so to avoid heart break. But those who are born are either looked upon with distain by the old guard elven elite while other younger elves (and some humans)see them as the possible future of their race. But alas.
  11. If you are going to do elves then just make them in the traditional style with a twist like Arcanum did. The more interesting question to me is what to do with Half elves...Beloved by all or outcast by both ?.
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