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I really like the OP suggestion. That just smacks of the right balance between convenience, usability, and risk (being that you could miss something if you weren't paying attention). And the added info on encumbrance would be welcome too. You might be able to do right-click on the corpse, pulls up a list, then as you decide what you want as you highlight it, if the portraits of your companions were numbered, you could hit that number and it would send it there. It would make zooming through the loot much faster without eliminating the decision making process (which I enjoy, I admit).


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I like looting individual corpses. Like someone else said, it's nice knowing which enemy carried what. I think there's definitely ways to help reduce tedium though:


- Instead of needing a character to walk up to each corpse, allow the loot window to be opened within a certain radius of the party member.


- Better indication of what a corpse contains. In the Infinite engine games, there was a seperate sprite for the loot which was nice because you could roughly see what the pile contained. the downside was having to mouse over to find those little piles, especially if they were hidden under sprites (this would be even worse with 3D corpses). To avoid confusion, the corpse itself should have some kind of indicator of what type or quality of the loot contained within - different toned or coloured sparkles for example.

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BioWare aqlready experimented with inventory:

- Mass Effect -autoloot everything. Near-limitless inventory.

- Dragon Age 2 - items of value and....junk.

I think both are unsuccessful ,as you simply can replace "Junk" with gold and spare yourself that minutes of naming that junk. I, personally, liked how you meddle with inventory in Baldur's Gate, but the bad part is - 100500 bastard swords that cost 1 gold coin.

So Fallout 2 approach is better - you can't get armors, because they get damaged adn turn into trash. And limit looting from taking every trashy bit from defeated opponent, but make only important bits matter. that'll spare us from hoarding trash items everywhere.


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I like OP's idea also the idea of multiple items being moved together. I do like to be able to sort through all the loot available but it there's definitely room for improvement in management of this game aspect

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AoE looting sounds like a great idea; could be optional in that you have to click and drag the AoE for it to take effect; otherwise manually click on each corpse/chest for the old school feel.


I would expect the final loot/inventory system to be modified as compared to original IE games. Any modification could still stick to the inventory grid a la BG/IWD or grid tetris like diablo ( :banghead: ).


My preference would be inventories to incorporate some sort of list system which groups like items together (perhaps like some of the better modded versions of FNV's inventories).

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